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Great Thanksgiving Festive Special

I ordered 2 of the Thanksgiving Festive Specials for delivery on Friday night. Everything was delicious and my Grandfather was super happy with his dinner. Unfortunately we didn't get the slices of pie that we ordered but they did throw in 2 small bags of Lindors.. I can only assume that they ran out of pie.. so instead of 2 Lindt Lindors..they gave me about 10 of them to replace the pies.. very impressed! Swiss Chalet is my Grandfathers new favorite place so we will be ordering again very soon.

By: jennifer

Swiss Chalet

Belleville, ON

I don't know what I would do...

The Staff at Urban Athlete are amazing! I have an ulnar nerve injury and I've had it for 3 years. I'm so thankful for the therapy that I receive at Urban Athlete.. they are so amazing. I have regular therapy with Dmitri and Dr Bill is always there for an emergency physio/chiro when my fingers go numb. He also gave me use of a board in their gum that I can use to stretch out my back/neck and arm. ( I have a board at home but it's not as good :) They are all just a great group of people who really care about their clients. If you need a RTM, Chiropractor, Physio Therapist, Coach, Trainer or Pilates Instructor.. This is where you need to be.

By: jennifer

The Urban

Castle Rock, CO


I've been eating at Ferraro's for many years.. They have a wood burning pizza oven.. delicious pizzas..fantastic pastas.. amazing wraps and their carpaccio is my favorite.. Today I was craving a soup so I stop and look at their lunch sign and sure enough,.. they're offering a butternut squash soup... I placed my order and took it back to my office.

When I took it out of the bag.. I couldn't believe how big it was.. it's a much larger portion than any other restaurant in this neighborhood..

Their butternut soup is the best I've ever had! They also gave me a large piece of their Italian bread.. and I mean large! Thanks Ferraro for the best lunch I've had in a long time!!

By: jennifer


Toronto, ON



feb 16, 2017 - Today I ordered a chicken wrap... honestly was the BEST wrap I've ever had in my life! Roasted peppers, chicken, balsamic dressing and spring greens.. omg!

Great Customer Service!

I called this store today looking for a specific pattern of curtain that I have been desperately searching for and I'm so happy that they have what I'm looking for in stock. Thanks to Lyn...they are set aside for me to purchase.. Picking them up tomorrow night after work as they are open until 9. I'm so excited! I will post a photo when I hang them up!

Len's Mill Store is the BEST!!!

By: jennifer

Len's Mill Store

Toronto, ON

Fanatic Staff on the 6th floor

Thank you to Madison and Laurel for all their help with my brother Jon. They certainly bent over backwards for us as Jon went through 6 hours of eye testing. If you are having eye tests at Hotel Dieu, I hope you get to see Madison and Laurel, they are the best. They will explain everything in detail and make sure that you are comfortable and taken care of.

By: jennifer

Hotel Dieu Hospital

Kingston, ON

Amazing Staff in ICU

The Nurses and Doctors on the 2nd floor ICU are amazing! Thank you to Liz for looking after my brother on day 1, she was absolutely amazing and anyone who has her for a nurse should appreciate her knowledge and professionalism, she is absolutely fantastic! Also, Linda who was the nurse on Day 3 was also amazing, thank goodness she had her eye on him and updated us on the changes that occurred after his operation. I'm so thankful for their help during our time in the ICU.

By: jennifer


Kingston, ON