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Not impressed with general manager!

I had my son's 6th birthday at Ezone as we had been there for others' birthdays.

We had approx. 15, 6 year old boys at the birthday party. As you can imagine, they were very excited and rowdy. Boys will be boys! That is why we chose to have the birthday at this facility THINKING it is a kids friendly place.

The boys had an absolute great time. However, in between the pizza time and laser tag time (which was delayed) the boys got bored in the party room and they were running up and down the hallways. The manager there, Scott, in front of all the parents scolded me that the kids were interrupting other groups game time, and that the boys had to wait in the party room until it was their turn. I explained that they are bored of waiting and how can i possibly hold 15, 6 year old boys in that room? He scolded that THAT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY.
How dare he, in front of all those parents talk to me in that way!!!??? How dare he! Very unprofessional, as if...

By: ilkbahar85


Etobicoke, ON