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Awful company of crooks

Please avoid this company at all costs!!!! They will bring nothing but hardship to your life.

Issues include but are not limited to:

- Rescheduling the delivery at the very end of the business day right before the delivery was scheduled the next morning.

- Being insulted and called a liar by dispatchers for telling them that they had indeed given me a window of time for the delivery.

- Provided a price at that time that was greatly more then had been quoted.

- Threatened to withhold my goods and insinuated that damage would be done if they had to hold onto it any longer then the planned delivery time.

- Delivered the goods late even after changing the delivery time.

- Broke several items and tried to hide them upon delivery to go along with there being missing items.

- Did not provide any paperwork whatsoever upon delivery.

- When receipts were finally provided more then a week later they...

By: sammiceli

Trillium Moving & Storage Services

Mississauga, ON