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I had a 2 DAY rental reservation at this location which they completely discarded because I was 1 hour behind schedule. So whoever decided to rent a truck last minute, was rewarded with my truck. Seems logical. When I confronted the Uhaul representative (an Asian woman in her mid 30s) she immediately likened the situation to that of a doctor's appointment-- i forgot you needs 8 yrs of post graduate studies to becomes a Uhaul specialist -- and yet I still don't know too many phycisians or specialists, that would turn me away completely for being an hour late! Incidentally, a survey has pointed out that ahead of the fear of contracting some life threatening illness, the actual feat of MOVING was in fact one of our greater stresses and fears in life. So now, on the day of a pre planned move, thanks to the WARDEN LOCATION UHAUL, because of a compassion emblematic of fascism, I had to make another doctor's appointment.

By: neveragain0

U-Haul Moving & Storage at Warden Ave

Scarborough, ON



I think that if you rented it for a 2 day period.. that truck should be sitting there.. at your leisure... for the next 2 days. I'm shocked that they would have given your truck away after only an hour...