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U-Haul Moving & Storage at Warden Ave

1555 Warden Ave, Scarborough, ON
17 reviews
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U-Haul Moving & Storage at Warden Ave, Scarborough Reviews (17)

17 reviews
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By wyliefamily on Oct 22, 2017
Verified by Email
July 18th – we arrived at the appointed time of 7am only to be told the job would be divided into two parts – the experienced installer would not be in till 11 am. When the truck was pulled out to the parking lot for our inspection we immediately noticed 3 things:
1. The tail light was loose and sticking out
2. There was greasing hand prints along the bumper and door frames
3. Upon further inspection, we discovered scratches under the tail light when the installer did not bother the protect the surface – he allowed the light to swing and sway all over the surface and there is a small indentation from the point of the light assembling.
The young lady behind the counter said she could not see any scratches. An older man appeared and also declared there were no scratches in a very aggressive and rude manner. When we asked the young lady who he was, she told us he was just another employee.
Time was now 8:30 so we paid for the work completed and went for coffee but had to return as we noticed we were charged for the 7 pin assembly which of course was not installed.
As it was close to 11am, we waited for the chief installer. And waited. And waited. He did not arrive till 12:30. We spoke with him, expressing our concern about how the wiring was istalled so far and the scratches. He took the truck back into his work area and improved the installation that his junior had done earlier.
He pulled the truck back out for our inspection and told us that he could not complete the electronic brake or 7 pin installation. He had me look in our owners manual for instructions while I think he searched the web for more information. He also indicated that he had 3 other jobs lined up and could not install the rest of the job due to time restraint and the complexity of the job.
We were given the Managers contact information but he was unavailable as he was attending a Regional meeting. We sent him an email outlining the above.
Our calls to customer service resulted in another appointment to install the brakes and 7 pin but at the Kennedy Road location for 7am the next day.
July 19th – the man at the Kennedy location was surprised to see us when we arrived at 7am. He did not have an installer till 3pm AND they don’t install brakes there – not qualified.
We sent Mr. Mclean a followup email that included photos. The photos including his staff assembling the tail light without protecting the surface and the quote to buff the surface. We spoke with Everton Mclean and made arrangements for him to inspect the damage the following morning.
July 20th – we were unable to meet with Mr. McLean as there was a tremendous rain storm that lasted till the early afternoon. We had left him a message but Mr. McLean would later say he had not received that message.
July 23rd – Mr. McLean was not returning our phone calls so we sent an email that included an invite to view the damage at the body shop just around the corner from him. He did not visit the body shop nor replied to our phone calls and emails.
July 26th – the remaining work is completed by Action car and truck. They advised me that the wiring that Uhaul did do was sub-standard. At one point the wire is rubbing against a moving shock and another attached to a moving part of the frame. Their quote to correct the wring is approx. $100.
We also contacted customer service and were provided a reference number (1471513) and assurance that the Regional Manager will be contacting us in 48 hours.
July 28th – sent a timeline and quote from Action truck and van to fix the wiring.
Sep 10th – no response either by email or phone call. Requested a claim number.
Oct 22 – had a need to rent a trailer and we went to the Kingston location. After hooking up the trailer we tested the lights. There was no response. After checking the obvious, we crouched down under the truck and discovered that the line was severed from obvious wear due to poor installation. The Manager at the Kingston location, Clay, removed the broken line and installed a new one but he invited us back so that he could do it properly. He noted that the line was even placed so that it was rubbing against the spring – a moving part.
By viv7v7 on Aug 31, 2012
Verified by Email
This is my 2nd time dealing with this UHAUL location. both experience were horrible, and I will NOTgo back to this place again.

The latest one was on Aug 30, on the day of picking up the truck. I did express check in online prior for the pick up. I arrived the pick up location about 30 mins before the pick up time, and I saw there are 2 counters open. 1 with the huge line up, and the other one has no customer. I have my fiance lined up at the huge line, and I wanted to talk to the girl who is not helping customer on the other counter. I just wanna to ask her about the express check in I did, and where I should line up at. This person, name Tanya Stoner, was very very rude to me, and said : "you need to line up I don't care you checked in or not." I said :"I am just asking you a question, I never said I'm jumping in the line, and I didn't ask you to help me with the truck pickup or anything. I never did express online check in before, can you please tell me what is the different between express check in and regular lineup check in?" She pointed to the other girl that is helping customer, said: "she will explain to you when it is your turn. " I'm sure she has enough knowledge to answer the simple question I have asked.

Let's go back to my first experience back to the end of June. I have booked the truck 3 weeks before the moving day with this location by calling them. Pick up on Jun 29 at 5pm and return the truck on Jun 30 10:30am. and I called them to confirm everything the day before the pick up day. I have confirmed the pick up time, the size of the truck, and the returning time. So I went there to pick up on the 29th, and when they are doing check in for me, they changed my truck returning time to 8am, WITHOUT TELLING ME IN ADVANCE ! and I told her I cannot return the truck at 8am because I have do some moving the morning and I cannot finish and come back by 8, and I told her I have confirmed with them on the phone and everything was right. She said someone in headoffice changed it in the system. I asked her to give me the person's name and notes while did the changes, she refused to provide me these details and asked me to call UHAUL complain line about this see they can do anything. I do not have too much time to deal with this at that moment, so I completed the check in and called the UHAUL customer service. I was holding for more than 40 mins, and when the girl picked up I thought she would be nicer compare to the one I just dealed with at warden location. But no, she is as rude as her, and I explained everything I was hoping she can do something for the returning time. She said: You have signed the paper, which means you agreed about the returning time. Everything is based on the availability. Sorry." Then HANGUP on me. I was so pissed off. I booked the truck 3 weeks before, how can you change my returning time because you got someone wanna pick up early that booked after me !? On the other hand, I am fine with little early return, but I DO need advance notice. because this will affect my moving plan, and schedule.

I have no choice I have to return the truck by 8. So i went to bed at 3am, and got up at 5am to finish the moving.

I am very disappointment with both experience with this UHAUL. i don't know how other uhaul is. but this one I had enough. I've been renting trucks and cars with so many companies. never had such a hard time and problem. Enterprise. thrifty, dollar rent a car are way better.

By Burgundy Crocodile on Apr 13, 2012
Verified by Business
Im not going to go into too much detail, as I have already wasted way too much time on these idiots. I rented a trailer 3 weeks in advance and the day i go to pick it up it is not there. I had to drive to a faraway location to pick it up and i didnt even get a phone call to say it wasnt in. 2 hours of driving for nothing. Everyone I call is rude, and basically says "it wasnt my fault sir" wow. how are they still in business
By jmartinez on Nov 14, 2011
Verified by Email
Very disturbing and disgusting customer service by the General Manager - . I did a same day reservation for a cargo van as I only needed to drop off a queen size bed to my in-laws. I reserved it for the morning. I called back to reserve a furniture dolly, but the sales rep told me there is no need to reserve the dolly, because they have it in stock. Approx 30 min later I arrive. Upon arrival, I spoke to Ian front desk sales, who was very helpful. The cargo van was there but no furniture dolly. I really needed the dolly to get the job done on my own. Ian then volunteered to look into every truck on the lot to see if there was an extra dolly. There was none, and I was a bit upset. The General Manager overheard and simply said there is nothing they can do as they are all gone. He then asked me to go outside so he can show me how to use a utility dolly, but I refused to go outside. I then told Ian its okay I will just rent the truck, I will ask a friend to help me move the bed. I gave him my license and my visa card. The GM came back to the counter looked at me and tried to convince me to rent a utility dolly. I refused and said "all I wanted was an apology that there were no furniture dollys even though I called in and tried to reserve one, that's the customer service that should be provided". At that moment, another front desk rep said, "well thats your customer service". I brushed that comment off and continued to speak with Ian as he was asking me how many kilometres I will be using. All of a sudden, we were interrupted by the GM and he took my license and handed it to me and asked me to leave. I was completely caught off guard. I asked why and he said, "we don't want your business - just go". I asked for his business card and he gave me a flyer with his picture on it and again told me to leave. I waited in my car for a moment to gather my thoughts with my wife and I then called the U-haul head office. Eventually I spoke to a customer service rep named Jason, who was very helpful. He called the GM, then called me back and apologized on U-hauls behalf and asked me to go back in. This time the GM didn't even really look at me, Ian got my info and I rented the truck. Ian also apologized quitely to me. As the transaction was complete the GM insisted I take the utility dolly for free, and this time I just let him show me how to use it, just so I can get out of there. When I was done, I returned the truck, and Ian was at front desk. He then apologized again and said that the GM "gets upset like that". (If I didn't need to rent the truck that day I wouldn't have come back.) I had a friend and my wife who witnessed Ian's apology as I did nothing wrong. Another customer that was behind us over heard our converstation and said he too will not return because of the GM. DO NOT EVER GO TO THIS LOCATION - UNLESS THE GM IS FIRED OR AT LEAST DEMOTED!!!!
By Cherry Pigeon on Aug 20, 2011
Verified by Business
I don't even want to say what kind of hell we went thru with renting from U Haul because it will just get me fired up again. All I can say is that they have re WORST customer service EVER. I had a lady hang up on me from the head office because they tried renting me a broken dolly. She expected my husband to fix it if we wanted to use it.
And, on top of that.. We found out that U Haul has been BANNED from the town we live in because they are hell to work with. That has got to say something. We found out they were banned after we were told to drop the dolly off were we lived.
Being ignorant and incompetent must be a job requirement with this company.
By Yellow Possum on Aug 09, 2011
Verified by Business
OMG!! Called to reserve a truck for Friday. Was told to call back on Thursday. If a truck was not in I would have to go to North Van or Powell River to pick one up.
I am moving to Powell River-why on earth would I take a ferry ( pay the fare) to pick up a truck, bring it back to Sechelt load it up and drive BACK to Powell River. THAT IS 4.....COUNT EM 4 FERRIES!!! HOW STUPID IS THAT!!!!
By damaged2010 on Apr 04, 2011
Verified by Email
I put my belongings into storage in June of 2010, they stayed there until Dec 2010. When I went to get my stuff out of storage I noticed the roof had leaked and there was water damage to plenty of the items. I talked to Ali, the manager there, he was great told me not to worry about it, just take the things that were not damaged and leave the rest. I had the insurance so really there was nothing to worry about. I asked him how to proceed as I needed these items replaced and he asked me to come back and see him after I was done moving into the new house. So 2 days later I went to see him as asked and planned by phone...he was out. I moved to Hamilton so it is not like driving up the street. on a good day its about an hour..with traffic there and back up to 3 hours. In any case, I made another appointment and another appointment finally 2 weeks later we meet and he hands me a pamphlet with the UHaul insurance claim number on it( which he could have given me right away) So great, I go home and call the number and start the a month goes by nothing,,,but noticed I have been charged for the unit containg only the damaged goods...make a phone call and msg after msg no responce by Mr Ali go figure. So off we go another long drive to scarborough to talk to Ali. His explaination, The stuff may have to be viewed by the insurance adjustor. I dont care if they have to see the damaged goods I am not paying for a unit that holds items that I am not make a long story short, we are now April 2011 I am still being charged for the unit holding the damaged goods after several calls and visits to cancel and nothing has been replaced. My 5 children and I are sleeping on the floor as I do not have the funds to replace anything, we have no furniture anything material sofa matresses etc, not to mention all the curtains and clothes ect that were now hard as rock wet and frozen that i cannot replace...Oh and did I mention the amount of rat dropping all over everything on top of everything else...this place is am a single mother struggling to make it and this is what I get.....UNBELIEVABLE!!!! I truly believe in Karma...what goes around comes around ..Thanks UHaul ...negative in the stars category..
By murray1 on Nov 19, 2010
Verified by Email
I had the worse experience of my life today dealing with the man at the Ajax & Pickering locations. I discovered today on my credit card that I was charged 144.00 for fuel that I should not have been charged for as we returned the vehicle at the same gas level we received. I called the location for some clarification. The man in charge became very irate and started shouting and screaming at me when I asked him for my avenue of appeal as I disagree with the charges. He became so defensive and accused me of calling him a liar and shouting at him - which I clearly didn't and he hang up the phone. I called back and he was even more verbally abusive and told me to call the head office and gave me a number and told me never to call his number again and hang-up. I have never had someone use such verbal aggression and abuse toward me and without me knowing I was crying - I called the head office and asked the lady that answered the phone to speak with a manager and she gave me the same service I received from the man - even though I was in tears pleading with her to ask the manager to call me - she hang up the phone on me also, I suspect that she had already spoken to the angry / unreasonable man in Pickering (he did mentioned that he called the head office and told them to expect my call). I called 3 times after and she kept putting me on hold and not returning to the call. So I assumed they were using call display - I called from my cell and a different lady answered and I gave her my contact information and request to speak with a manager. I do not recommend this location. We returned the truck at the same fuel level as we received and this person charged us 144.00 for fuel. We made 1 trip to Etobicoke and back to Ajax. I am shocked that we are not even given an opportunity to discuss this charge and be given an explanation as why its 144.00. I think this man at this location is very unstable – beware....special warning to females beware...please.
By lolcats on Sep 21, 2010
Verified by Email
I've never actually rented anything from U-haul, but I have never felt so disrespected by anyone before. A representative kept calling my house and my grandma didn't understand what she was saying so when I got home I talked to her and she was asking about a truck that was rented under my dads name but a false number. I it was a case of stolen identity because my dad did not actually rent the truck at all.

She tries to get ME to call my dad, when I gave her his phone number and it's HER job. And when I told her that she started saying that I was difficult and wasn't helping and being rude, and then I told her she should call my dad and she said something along the lines of "I should call the police", implying that my dad stole the truck when he in fact didn't even have it and getting extremely rude, even with her tone of voice. I ended that phone conversation in tears and I never call to report things but I had to call to report how horrible she was to me, the woman that picked up had been sitting right beside her and told me that she didn't think anything was wrong with it.

I wish I could rate this place 0 stars.
By elnady on Aug 19, 2010
Verified by Email
Here is my experience as I summarized it in an e-mail sent to UHaul customer service. Please note I'm an account executive looking after multi million droller contracts, I do not shout nor use profanity with anyone:

"Good day. I have rented several times from Uhaul at several locations before however this is the first time I rented from 1555 Waden Ave. Scarborough, On. Canada location and I'm beyond disappointed with my experience.

While I understand mistakes happen and eventhough the conformation e-mail I received from UHaul was for 5x10 trailer and they had it on their computer as 4X6, no problems right? I expect from customer service at the location to help. I had a Natasha Singh servicing me and first I was told they don't have any other trailers, then her supervisor came by and said they do have the 5x10, great, here is my credit card and driver license as requested. just before the transaction finished her supervisor came back again saying they do not have the 5x10, nor any other trailers other than the 4x6. I was about the leave when one of the guys working inside came by and said "just give him the 6x12 trailer it's sitting outside". my reply was OK I will take that. Natasha then asked me for the driver license again, my comment was "didn't you just have it a minute ago and swiped into the computer", that's when all hell broke lose, the supervisor (A Filipino lady) starting raising her voice at me telling me not to give then attitude! When I asked not to raise her voice her answer was "if you don't like it then I will cancel your reservation and get the hell out of her!" then she proceed to take to customer she was servicing about my attitude and how rude I am. When I asked her what is her name and position with UHaul her (and she was wearing a UHaul shirt) her answer was I don't work here I volunteer here! unfortunately my credit card was already charged and according to the "supervisor" if the card was not charged she would cancel my reservation. I explained to her that I will be calling UHaul head office to complain and her shouted at me "you and another 100 people, go ahead". that's when some grease monkey (black guy wearing a ripped shirt) came out from the back shop asking what's going on, when the supervisor told him "this guy giving us attitude" he looked at me and said "you are rude, cancel his reservation and you get the f#ck out of here".

Thanks UHaul for your top notch customer service, truly your employee are very well selected and trained. When I typed the location address in google the first thing that came was this link "

I will be adding my voice to the rest of review. I will not be returning the trailer to the same location as I have no interest being insulted again by your employee. I do not care if extra charges have to be paid to return the trailer to another site but I will not be returning it to this site.

I do expect an e-mail back from UHaul.
By Michael25 on Jul 06, 2010
Verified by Email
This location is a joke...they rented us a trailer that was a mechanical nightmare and broke down during our trip...the manager Ali said to call when we arrived at our destination and he would get us a refund...I reached him 3 times and every time he said he was busy and would call me call ever came and he eventually started hanging up on me when he saw my number come up...this place is a nightmare and I would warn anyone and everyone that values their safety to never rent fromt this place!
By neveragain0 on Nov 27, 2009
Verified by Email
I had a 2 DAY rental reservation at this location which they completely discarded because I was 1 hour behind schedule. So whoever decided to rent a truck last minute, was rewarded with my truck. Seems logical. When I confronted the Uhaul representative (an Asian woman in her mid 30s) she immediately likened the situation to that of a doctor's appointment-- i forgot you needs 8 yrs of post graduate studies to becomes a Uhaul specialist -- and yet I still don't know too many phycisians or specialists, that would turn me away completely for being an hour late! Incidentally, a survey has pointed out that ahead of the fear of contracting some life threatening illness, the actual feat of MOVING was in fact one of our greater stresses and fears in life. So now, on the day of a pre planned move, thanks to the WARDEN LOCATION UHAUL, because of a compassion emblematic of fascism, I had to make another doctor's appointment.
Comment by jennifer on Nov 30, 2009
I think that if you rented it for a 2 day period.. that truck should be sitting there.. at your leisure... for the next 2 days. I'm shocked that they would have given your truck away after only an hour...
By on Oct 29, 2009
Verified by Email
Truck was rented on August 27th - 29th, 2009. Not in good condition. The cabin was also dirty. Had trouble starting at times. When it was put in drive, there was a loud clunk as if the drive shaff was going to drop out. On the highway it felt as if it was going to shut off when it got up to 80km/h. Later in the evening the battery died, I called customer service and after confirming, they were going to send someone out but we were losing time, therefore we boosted the battery ourselves.

I feel U-Haul gets enough business therfore their vehicles should be in good and far better condition.
By Ao Bedbug on Nov 18, 2008
Verified by Business
l am sending this mail re- atruck rental from Westlone On. Sat Nov.15th.We picked up the truck at 5pm with intensions of packing that evening.When we went to pack ,we found the truck very wet inside with a black almost oil film,our boxes we had put on the truck to move to the front got all wet.We had to take a mop and clean it all.Not to forget the fact my husband almost slipped and could have gotten hurt.l have talked to someone from u-haul already and she said there was nothing to be done for it.That it was my fault for not checking inside first.not mention the truck only had 1/4 a tank of gas , we put over half in and it was returned with 1/2 tank.We had to do our own inspection on the truck befor taking it and we had no idea that we were to inspect the inside of the back.This truck had been just returned befor we picke dit up and not looked at at all by the agent.l do not think this had been used to move furniture who ever used it befor us.
ls this the way trucks should be picked up?.
Steve Kennedy .519-785-9980.Sat,Nov.15th Westlone on.Truck returned to london On. Clark Rd.
By Cyan Toy-Poodle on Sep 17, 2008
Verified by Business
Terrible customer service. Added charges a month later and were not able to tell me what the charges are for. Dealing with head office.
By nytrick on Aug 02, 2008
Verified by Email
Well actually I would have given negative stars on this one.

They gave me a van instead of the 10' truck I reserved. They didn't inform me of this until I was already at the front desk with no other options but to take it. They offer no compensation for the inconvenience, they do not offer the $50 guarantee if you accept the wrong truck, and their customer support isn't equipped to take any phone calls on the busy days when people are moving. Thus you can't complain even if you have a problem. Futhermore, once you do reach customer service, they refuse to help you anyway.

Ali Chowdhury is the manager there, and he offered to give me back $20 for a move that ended up costing more than hiring a mover. I am taking them to court for negligence in customer service, failure to honor their policy, and just for being assholes.

Save yourself the hassle, boycott U-Haul.
By Mike Robinson on Jul 02, 2008
Verified by Email
Booking a truck well in advance with this U-Haul location was simple enough, even though their pricing structures and billing practices border on the unscrupulous. But the day of our move this location turned into an absolute nightmare.

We were operating on a strict schedule, and they told us the night before that our truck was ready and waiting for us.

We arrived at the location at 7:00am. There were 3 people in front of us, which most of the time would only mean a short wait. But when the counter person doesn't have a clue and the rest of the staff are so unorganized it's hard to believe this company is even is business, well, that line takes much longer to wind down. It wasn't until 8:30am we were out of there with our truck - a full 90 minutes behind schedule.

To add injury to insult, the truck - a 26 footer - was not properly gassed up. They simply drew a picture of the gas guage on the contract with a line indicating where the guage was when they took the reading. Not very accurate. Certainly no adjustments for atmospheric conditions like at a gas pump. What should've happened is the gas tank should have been completely full, so that all we had to do was refill it. What we got stuck doing was trying to estimate how much gas it would take to bring the line up to where it was in the picture, and we wound up overfilling by 1/4 of a tank - $40 worth. No credit from U-Haul on that. The flip side was underfilling it and having U-Haul top it up at triple the current gas rates. Piracy either way, to say the least.

During our time in line the computer system crashed twice and one of the 3 people ahead of us was there to complain about - you guessed it - questionable gas billing practices.


Better yet, try one of the six other big truck rental chains. Almost certain any of them would be a better experience than this place.
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