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Staples Animal Hospital logo

Staples Animal Hospital

13 Reviews
377 Commissioners Rd W LondonON
T: 5194729301

"Dr staples is by far the very best vet in london.He often will give you home remedies that are safe and effevtive.I have 6 dogs and Dr Staples has treated all of they and I have recomended him to friends family and strangers. I LOVE dr staples and am so happy I found him" read

Wellington Baseline Animal Hospital logo

Wellington Baseline Animal Hospital Owner Verified Business

7 Reviews
555 Wellington Rd S ,  Unit 4CLondonON
T: 5196801951

"I highly recommend this Animal Hospital to everyone, they are not into upselling services, but will tell you exactly what you should be doing. Dr. Cathy Millman and her staff are the best in the business, they treat all clients with respect and dignity. I would never have any one else look after my animals. " read

West London Pet Hospital logo

West London Pet Hospital

6 Reviews
760 Hyde Park Rd. LondonON
T: 5196412999

"Dr Shawn Tucker has been caring for our pets for years. I truly appreciate the time that Dr Tucker takes in ensuring we clearly understand what is going on with our pets and the options that are available to us. He and his staff are caring, personable and approachable. I highly recommend West London Pet Hospital to anyone looking for quality care for..." read

Sears Animal Hospital logo

Sears Animal Hospital

3 Reviews
87 Wharncliffe Rd S LondonON
T: 5196610496

"Dr. Sears was recommended to us when we arrived in London four years ago and we have never looked back! She is kind to our four-legged friends and even more importantly, she is clearly competent and creative in how she approaches their care. We have had some ups and downs with our two little dogs and she has been completely supportive every step of the..." read

Masonville Animal Hospital logo

Masonville Animal Hospital

3 Reviews
101 Fanshawe Park Rd E #8 LondonON
T: 5196601770

"I currently take my rabbit "Benny" to Masonville animal hospital. Dr Melanie Kenzie is Benny's treating doctor, whom I find to be an excellent, very compassionate, knowledgeable doctor. She is willing to work together as a parent of animal and herself as a professional. Her skills, knowledge and handling of rabbits is shown through her..." read

East London Animal Hospital logo

East London Animal Hospital

1 Review
417 Spruce St LondonON
T: 5194536030

"this hospital is providing very poor service and doctor do not have any knowledge and experience.No experience , so not recommended" read

Bouck, Gary DVM logo

Bouck, Gary DVM

1 Review
41 Adelaide St S LondonON
T: 5194335490

"Dr. Gary Bouck performed Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomy's on my Golden Retriever Koda, after he diagnosed her with torn cruciate ligaments in both her hind knees. Both surgeries were successful, but shortly after Koda's second surgery on the right knee,she fractured that leg in 2 places. Dr. Bouck took her back into surgery right away,..." read

Matthews Animal Clinic logo

Matthews Animal Clinic

1 Review
769 Southdale Rd E LondonON
T: 5196817575

"after calling around to find low prices on puppy vaccination we took our pup to Matthiews. the prices we were quoted apparently didn't cover anything that a dog actually needs to live. once when we brought the issue of the price discrepancy to the horrible witch of a receptionist we were insulted and made to feel like we didn't care for our..." read

Robertshaw, Vernon DVM logo

Robertshaw, Vernon DVM

0 Reviews
101 Spruce W AylmerON
T: 5196491900
Lambeth Animal Hospital logo

Lambeth Animal Hospital

0 Reviews
2518 Main St LondonON
T: 5196526059
Byron Animal Clinic logo

Byron Animal Clinic

0 Reviews
1310 Commissioners Rd W LondonON
T: 5194723770
Stoneybrook Animal Clinic logo

Stoneybrook Animal Clinic

0 Reviews
620 Fanshawe Park Rd E LondonON
T: 5194321895
Blue Cross Animal Hospital logo

Blue Cross Animal Hospital

0 Reviews
95 Wharncliffe Rd S LondonON
T: 5194344882 MORE LOCATIONS

Talbot Animal Hospital logo

Talbot Animal Hospital

0 Reviews
121 Oxford St E LondonON
T: 5196720672
Emergency Clinic Veterinary logo

Emergency Clinic Veterinary

0 Reviews
41 Adelaide St S LondonON
T: 5194327341
Whitehills Animal Hospital logo

Whitehills Animal Hospital

1 Review
2111 Aldersbrook Rd LondonON
T: 5194731182

"I have been a long time client for over 20 years,this clinic is the very best in London! Dr.Oster &Dr.Bond cannot be beat for compassion &expertise in small animal medicine. The entire staff will go that extra mile to provide quality service." read

Pine Valley Animal Hospital logo

Pine Valley Animal Hospital

0 Reviews
1021 Wonderland Rd S #3 LondonON
T: 5196492375
Fairmont Animal Hospital logo

Fairmont Animal Hospital

0 Reviews
995 Hamilton Rd LondonON
T: 5194532940
Hoover, Doug DVM logo

Hoover, Doug DVM

0 Reviews
1096 Adelaide St N LondonON
T: 5196458787
Cat Clinic-London logo

Cat Clinic-London

0 Reviews
6 Stanley St LondonON
T: 5194390373
Lockwood Animal Clinic logo

Lockwood Animal Clinic

0 Reviews
289 Wellington Rd LondonON
T: 5196490727
Central Cat Hospital logo

Central Cat Hospital

0 Reviews
596 Adelaide St N LondonON
T: 5196600300
Millman, Cathie DVM logo

Millman, Cathie DVM

0 Reviews
455 Wharncliffe Rd S LondonON
T: 5196721210
King Animal Clinic logo

King Animal Clinic

1 Review
567 King St LondonON
T: 5194344287

"Use this vet for a few years, but really felt like it was all about the cash after a while. You come in and they put you in a room were you wait a while, they come in to speak with you and you feel rushed. Reception was always friendly but lots of staff changes, which we heard may have been due to the vets inability to be respectful but we never saw that...." read

Wellington, J logo

Wellington, J

0 Reviews
41 Adelaide St N LondonON
T: 5194320001
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