I'm a Believer!

Thank you to everyone at the Laird X-Copper. I was skeptical at first, but I am now a believer! Not only did I not lose points, but the charge was completely dropped. I was charged with holding a handheld device while driving, not the easiest charge to beat (so I've been told). I have already recommended X-Copper to a friend of mine that has a similar ticket. Thanks again, and fingers crossed that I won't have to use your services again LOL! But if I get another ticket, I will be calling you!

Most appreciative,
Jonathan Frankel

By: non-member139076


excellent job

Hi Dear I did not expected your good news about my trail today. I expected to be at the court on other day, but I am very proud for your decision and the good information for me. Thank you very much for letting me not worry anymore about it.
thank you

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By: Alonso loaiza