Victor Chacon

Victor made my recent purchase of my brand new 2016 Ford Flex very comfortable and easy!!!

He is very knowledgeable in the information - has made dealing with some minor issues a breeze (for example - missing seatbelt clip - ordered right away - no issues or hassles! Even called when it was ready)

He made himself available for when i wanted to meet and very flexible on having the car ready for the delivery date i wanted.

I would recommend Erinwood and Victor to anyone looking for a Ford! :)

By: MarlenaM


I didn't have to lift a finger!

My daughter recently bought a hall in the suburbs and the windows were a disgrace, so I decided to reach out to Canadian Choice Windows for the task. They didn’t disappoint, a sales representative named Alex helped me select the fixtures, and even had installers come to fix the contour series windows into place. It was all very smooth, and I didn’t have to lift a finger and on top of it all my daughter is happy. Good work guys!

By: Christine Brown


I can not believe my ears ! ! !

I'm going to make this public ...I can not believe my ears what I have heard from them (NCR )over the phone line. They NCR start calling me that I own some $18.000 ...which I can not remember. I'm almost in my death bed (disabled person) with many health complications and the asked me to pay at least $50 per month from my disability pension to cover that debt..shouting over the phone on me ... that I did “spend the money wisely for myself”....I could not believe that in Canada we have that kind of Scumbags in business ! ! ! ... If I had anything with owning some money it was 17 – seventeen years ago at that time I was trying to run a business ... and it was not $ 18.000 but if I can recall it was $5000 ... and it was resolved over the bankruptcy discharge through the Court Order ... Now they in very rude manner they calling me to pay a debt which I do not have. They were reported to BBB: and they NCR never responded to BBB request to resolve that complaint ... they...

By: sodmck


Got my Camaro!

Solid job! Got my vehicle picked up within 48 hours of booking. I was a little nervous at first as I had searched for this vehicle for a long time and trusting another company to deliver it was not easy for me. The seller of the vehicle recommended Automoves and they got the job done above and beyond.

By: itomotive


Pink Cherry is the best!!!

I've purchased many toys in the last several months. Thanks to pink cherry I have had a tremendous amount of pleasure playing. I love the specs tabs on the website; it helps me select the right toy to fit my next pleasure. The purchasing is super easy. The website very friendly. And, delivery is very quick!!

Thank you pink cherry; orgasmic service!

By: Marty



I am extremely disappointed with the lack of customer service I experienced.
When I first placed my order I was delighted to see I would be getting a "free gift", however the outside packaging box was completely sealed but the pink bunny vibrator which was originally packaged in heavy plastic was completely ripped open as was the box that contained the swing.
Due to health and sanitary concerns I contacted customer service right away aND was told to email pictires of this.
I did so and got a email back saying it was the manufacturer and somehow it was their fault?
I feel the appropriate action was not taken and has left a very unhappy customer sadly.

By: non-member121976





I am so sorry to hear this. I would be happy to help you resolve this issue. Please contact me at Please provide your email address, order number and the item you are referring to. Once I receive the information I will be able to assist you with this issue.

I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused you.

Thank you
General manager

Not cool

Negative: Location is bad, not where you expect a banquet hall to be. parking is bad. Washroom is in a bad location. Small hall even when you take both sides. Sound system is missing bass. They can't put up the volume or adjust the settings. Price is too much for what you get. They add prices after you sign the deal saying they missed this and that. Charged me more than what is stated on the contract. Charge you for every little thing after. Not professional to deal with. Had an unpleasant experience. Will not be recommending friends or family. Appetizers aren't the best. The dessert table is horrible. Sales lady wants to charge for everything. Even to make simple table adjustments. Money oriented. She'll talk nice to earn your business and then corner you after.

Positive: Inside decor and lighting is good if you like to customize. The floor manager Madhu is a wonderful lady. Staff is okay. Food was good if you go for higher than standard menu.


By: remirecords


Thank God for Shipped Stuff

PinkCherry has always discreetly shipped all of the fun things that we cannot locate ourselves in our home town. We've enjoyed all types of products; him/her, costumes, toys, you name it. Reviews are typically spot on and honest for products which makes purchases feel worth while. We're regular customers and plan to stay such.

By: J & C


Great product

We purchased and had installation of Bravo awing with remote control motor in the largest size available. Excellent workmanship for the awning and friendly installation crew. Very happy with Rolltec product and service. Also good value as this is also the designer and manufacture with no middleman fees.

By: dennismcleod1969




Awesome. Indeed, Bravo awning is one of nicest system we offer. I bet you can't wait for warm weather to start using your awning again.