Claireport is Number 1

Jey what can I say man, you've always bin there from day 1, you've held us down, every time we needed something from you you were there for us, we enjoyed our night. Thank you so much, it was great, we had a ball, we had time best time of our life, we will definitely come here again Claireport Number 1! Number 1! Thank you

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By: non-member125261


Always Great Deals - Not To Mention...

Whatever you're looking for, has it - and at reasonable prices. If you're curious about an item but it's priced out of your tax bracket, wait for one of's blowout sales - you'll probably find what you've been looking for at a reduced price. It's all about trying things out to see what you like, and reduced prices make that more possible (for me at least!)

And as always, spend 50 bucks and shipping is for free - can't beat that cost either!

The products are top; the service is impeccable, and you often cannot find a similar item less expensive anywhere else (unless you work there and get an employee discount as well!).

By: non-member124883


Best wedding ever

Our families and friends cannot stop raving about the service and food at the Mississauga Convention Centre, and we couldn't agree more! From the moment we stepped into the venue to tour it to the moment we left on our wedding day, the staff have been amazing and helped guide us the entire time. Our wedding was beautiful and went off without a hitch. We definitely recommend this venue for any occasion.

By: non-member125249


Missing Shingles Repaired

I called mr roof repair when I saw some damaged shingles and exposed plywood on the roof. it looked like animals were trying to get in. They were out in a couple days to fix everything and did a wonderful job. It was also really nice to get their report which included photos of the damage and the repair along with the rest of the roof. We had only moved in less than a year ago so finding out what needed attention and what didn’t was of great value.

By: Louis Prohaszka


Everything was Great

Everything was great, we were so in love with they way Jey set up the function. We were pleased, we did our wedding last last year and we did our child's birthday today, it was great and I was amazed by uncle Jey, we recommend anybody to come get this hall and just give it up to Jey uncle for doing everything the way we wanted to.

The combination was awesome, it was extraordinary, there are no words that can describe the combination he gave us, the preparation, the food, everything, the decorations. Awesome! The staff was supportive and we are really pleased.

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By: Nico


Happy Patient....

Dr. Sciberras and his staff were great! He was very helpful and took his time to answer all my questions. I never felt rushed and he even went out of his way to email me extra information on diabetes and how it effects eyes. His staff was so nice and knowledgeable. Very happy with my service and informed my family members to go see Dr Sciberras for their next eye exam. Highly recommend.

By: non-member126029



I value efficiency in life which is why I’m returning the favour to Zim Group. They did a phenomenal job in replacing my roof last October. The entire process was seamless and the job was well done. I will absolutely be referring your company to the rest of the street.

By: David J. Ward