The worst company to deal with -Gold...

The cleaning of windows and eaves through for my house were scheduled for Monday 5-th of June 2017 , from 12:00 -03:00. On Monday I was waiting for the cleaning team 3 hours and they didn't arrive. I called to the office and they promised to call me back shortly and inform what happened. They returned my call only 2 hours later to say that they were not able to reach their cleaning team on the phone! We have agreed to reschedule their services for Wednesday, June 7, again from 12:00 till 3:00 p.m. On Wednesday I was waiting at home more then 3 hours in vain, Gold Standard Property Care doesn't care about their customers, they didn't call me to inform what is going on and when I can expect their team to arrive!!!! I called dispatch department and they've promised to call me back. Guess what?! They didn't call me back! Their team didn't arrive! That is why the theme of this review is "The worst company to deal with!"

By: irinachadyuk


Exterior Work

My experience with RCC was great, they have a great call centre and friendly staff and estimators that know exactly what has to be done. Although my job was pushed because it rained, they quickly came as soon as possible. GREAT service and people

By: Danny


Interior work, Wonderful Experience

RCC is full of a great team who never stops. They worked hard, and were wonderful taking care of everything necessary. The job looks great and I phoned to thank them for all their quick work. No more water on my carpets. My sales estimator, Brian, always works hard and always stopped to talk to us about the issue . Thank you

By: Doug


Poor Customer Service from Accounts...

We ordered our windows to be cleaned and were quite happy with the results. However, immediately after the service my wife received a number of increasingly aggressive and rude calls from the AR department. We were being accused of not willing to pay. We had never received an email confirmation or an invoice for the service since they had inputted the wrong email address in their system. With payment terms of net 15, there should be an escalation process when close to the due date, not harass clients two days after the service is complete especially without trying to determine the reasons why. For this reason, I would never use Gold Standard again nor recommend it to anyone I know.

By: mwilletts


Excellent service in all departments!

We have now purchased 5 vehicles from Waterloo Honda, the last 4 of which have been from Jorge Sandoval. It's not only the Honda name that keeps bringing us back, but Jorge himself. From the moment we met him we felt we were at "home". He is honest, reliable and trustworthy, unlike any other salesman we have met anywhere. The entire Waterloo Honda team has yet to disappoint!

By: macmccarville


Good service

I ordered 3 times online and was very satisfied with the rapidity and quality of the shipping service. I was satisfied with most items bought.
I am really disapointed that the comments i sent more than 6 weeks ago about 7 items are not yet available on the website. I thought I gave precious information (positive and negative) for the potential other buyers.

Will definitely use Pink cherry services again.
Will probably note take time to make comments about the products since the others comments were not published.

By: non-member127575


Great Service

Pink Cherrys service has never failed. Always delivers quality products in a timely, anonymous manner. I will not order from any other provider. I will continue to promote their products. I have ordered numerous times for my wife and I. We have been extremely happy with our products. Thank you.

By: shaw72


First-time shopper

Great shop, easy to navigate. Lots of selection to choose from, with thorough product descriptions. Definitely liking the free gift and fast, free shipping over a certain price-point. Will definitely buy from Pink Cherry again!

By: non-member128155


Mondelez does not seem willing to...

Like other people here, I was a long-time Peek Freans fan until Mondelez took over. The cookie doughs are unrecognizable as Peek Freans -- generally hard and dry, without appeal. I just tried again, thinking that it might take a while for Mondelez to get things as good as they were; they have not. It's sacrilege to label these drab things "Peek Freans."

By: RonWencer


Excellent Team All Around

The crew and sales representative demonstrated great insight into what was happening in my house, and got the job done well and quickly... with minimum mess. Each member of RCC was helpful even when there were minor issues. They always fixed things right away and with excellence.

By: Todd


Excellent Work, and Team

I am so happy with RCC's work. Really impressed with the digging that was done so easily by Jesse! It was so effortless for him, he didn't even break a sweat. The clean up was great, its like they weren't even here. Thank you so much for the work you did at my house

By: Gary


Never Show Up when you need service...

Stay away from this company. When your glasses are breaking, no one will come to your door and fix it as soon as possible.
When you call for service, you will be like a soccer ball, being transferred to various parties and no immediate action will be taken. Staff are not polite and diligent when you need help. They sure look nice and friendly right below you pay them.

By: kenlai29