Excellent experience as a first time...

The prices here can be extremely cheap and well worth your money, and there is a ton of sales almost every week which is amazing!

What's even better is that they ship very fast, my order got here in about one day since my order and that's probably the quickest shipment that I have ever received.

There isn't any other place that can compete with PinkCherry, and I'd recommend it if I could to anyone that I'd known to be interested.

By: OcinCD


Rental of storage unit

Yesterday I went in at 5pm to rent a storage locker. I was really impressed with the service I got. They had exactly what I needed and they showed me everything I needed to know (ie location or locker, quickest way to get there and how to use gate). The property manager was well informed and was able to answer our questions. I would highly recommend them to friends and family.

By: Drotos