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By: Rihanna



MJR is without doubt a terribly irresponsible company. They aren't up to date with their information, they send out threatening letters without basis and with TOTALLY incorrect details, they're rude and ignorant and NEVER return calls. They just put your account on auto-dial and you suffer the consequences.

For anyone out there that doesn't know, they don't report your business to the credit bureau so don't worry about that particular aspect of your issue with them.

My advice is to take legal action if necessary if you're in the right. If not, you deserve their harassing calls.............too bad, pay up and be done with it. They exist to COLLECT money from dead beats!

By the way, this agency is closely aligned with The Economical Insurance company who send YOUR files to them for collection. These people are a complete joke too. Try to assign your insurance needs to ANYONE but The Economical or Perth insurance...

By: rlvaandering


Horrible experience. Avoid at all...

Horrible, I repeat, horrible experience with Crystal Grand. I live near the banquet hall and saw all the great reviews, the venue looked great inside though the outside does not look attractive. The parking is limitied and the concrete is cracked in the back area.

The real issue came this week. To be honest, the owner Griggory was very, very nice and friendly from the beginning until this week. Me and my fiance went in for a food tasting. The food tasting took place in the banquet hall while another event was taking place and we were in the corner of the same room with loud live Easten music playing, so loud that my fiance got a headache.

The food. Oh the food. Everything was way too salty to the max and I like my food salty by the way, but this food was unedible. We signed up for Menu 3, the Mediterranean option. The antipasto was the only thing that taste good on the menu. The pasta was decent, but too salty. The chicken was too salty, too dry. The lemon...

By: justinkang16


Two thumbs up!

Since I discovered this website I can't get enough of it! I've bought 2 toys & lubes. I love the quick discreet shipping. All products are good quality and would defenetely recommended this website to a friend! :)

By: Derrah