Deepest Appreciation

I am writing you today to express my deepest appreciation to your employee Angie.

I recently attended my cousins wedding (Shannon and Josh hall A) this past Saturday April 28th. I want to state that I have been to a lot of weddings, and I have been a part of many wedding parties. I have never been so impressed with the hall coordinator than what I was with Angie.

From the very beginning of us entering the room, throughout our dinner service, and to the very end of the night, Angie went above and beyond any service expectations we had. She was so kind, and prompt and it seemed like she couldn’t do enough for us. She was simply amazing! One example would be that my daughter who was the flower girl in the wedding party, has a Peanut allergy. When I told Angie this, she went above and beyond to ensure everything was safe for her.

I will be sure to recommend Mississauga Convention Centre to any future brides, colleagues at Trillium Health Partners and friends that wish to host an event.

By: Shannon & Joshès Wedding


Wedding at Oakville Conference Centre

My experience with the Oakville Conference Centre leading up to the wedding was satisfactory. Over the year, our venue coordinator, Lisa, answered all of my questions promptly. However, once we submitted our final payment, we noticed the service go downhill. There were a couple e-mails that we sent before the wedding that went unanswered. Then, to top it off, the venue put up a tent that completely covered the gazebo where we were going to have our wedding ceremony. It looked absolutely disgusting, and my fiance, who is about 6'4" couldn't even fit under the tent because it was set up so short. Lisa did not tell us that this tent was being put up until a day before our wedding, so we were left scrambling for a backdrop that would make our ceremony look somewhat decent. We should have been given at least a weeks notice that this tent was being put up, and they should have made sure it was okay with us first because we paid to have our ceremony there. We also offered up...

By: aprilbisc



April, we are terribly sorry for your negative experience. We do promote the most excellent customer service, our standards are quite high. It is in that spirit that we took the initiative to order a tent, we just wanted your guests to be remain warm and dry while still having the ceremony outdoors as per your request. We were only thinking of you and your guests. Once we were told you were not happy, we did move the ceremony and setup to our south patio in time for your reception to commence. Thank you for pointing out the great service received and we should let you know that all your guests felt the same, as all the comment cards came back with positive scores. We wish you and your husband a lifetime of happiness together. For us, today and everyday is a new one where we hope to improve and gain more positive guest feedback. Your feedback is important to us, thank you.


I would strongly encourage readers to read all the comments instead of focusing on this one bad experience. Sorry you weren’t able to enjoy your day that is too bad but you can’t control rain and having taken the precaution to set up the tent in the first place seems like they did care about your day. Pretty much all the other reviews are beautiful. Hopefully you’re able to focus on the positive parts of your day and reflect on it happily instead of negative things you just can’t control.

Horrible, incompetent and dishonest

We ordered stickers for a conference, we received a receipt of payment and a proof which we approved. The order never arrived nor did we receive a tracking number. We attempted to contact SC by phone with no luck and when we finally spoke to someone on their live chat they told us that "production missed our order". They said they could expedite and as we are both in Toronto we said fin but we need it next day, it was then that we were informed that printing takes place overseas. Horrible business, incompetent productions staff. They should be forward about the location of their production facility.

By: HomeLife


The most respectful customer service...

I went to this dealership to buy a Lexus NX. Abshar was the dealership agent who I wasdealing with. My experience with him was awesome. He was so nice and respectful to me. Abshar was like a real friend to me during the purchasing process. He is a professional and so expert in what he is doing. Thanks to him!

By: non-member139543


New car and sales service

The greeting staff were very helpful and quickly contacted James Zahn who answered all our questions on cost, models, and performance. The test drive confirmed our selection after 3 visits and the sale was finalized.. James briefed us on all the dashboard controls and after sales service. Overall his help and product knowledge was outstanding.

By: Cotaras


RAV4 Buying experience

Me and my wife visited the DVN Toyota in early May just to look around. of course I was in the intention of buying a Camry or RAV4. Then I met Shan Manojkumar. He took us to his cabin and asked us various questions -(not as a salesperson who try to sell a car) what we are looking for what was our vehicle and about the amount of money we are comfortable with and much more. The point is; the way he asked us and explained various things - compared various things.. wow I never had an experience with any sales person like him. Mmmm.. we did not commit any to buy and we left. We came home and analysed about what he told us and couple of days later we called him and said we have some questions. Without any hesitation he said we can come over and talk to him at DVNT or talk to him over the phone. The politeness and the tone of helping us was there. We went to see him the next day. He explained everything in detail and yes we agreed to lease a RAV4. The best thing is he tolds every little bit of the vehicle and leasing information and we took the car in two days time. I am going to recommend him (and the DVNT) to all my friends and relatives. Thank you Shan for that Great Service.

By: Elango