Used car purchase

This wasn't my first rodeo buying a used for commuting so I have many experiences. This one was by far my best!!!! Robbie and the management treated me like I was coming in there to buy their most expensive new vehicle, and made me feel very comfortable with my purchase. Buying a used vehicle can leave feeling like You are being lied to at the best of times. The experience at RichmondHill Lexus was great to say the least, and would definently return when I'm ready for that RC-F!!! Thanks again Robbie!

By: phylsjoblom


Overall Nightmare!!

The Ecotech installers came to our home in January 2017 to replace all windows and a door.
The installers showed up and removed all of our windows and the door all at once in the dead of winter.
There was a strong, freezing cold draft throughout the house which was carrying dust and insulation all over our home. Doors were slamming open and closed because of the strong wind ripping through our home.
The crew then decided they were going to break for lunch at our kitchen table while our home still had half of the windows pulled out while we sat there in our winter coats and covered in blankets shivering.
The crew finished their lunch without bothering to clean up pieces of food,crumbs and peanut butter smeared on the table.
They left the first day once the new windows were installed but said they would come back the next day to caulk and do the exterior work.
They left our home in shambles.
There was chunks of insulation and dust on every surface of...



These people who operates this brand and facilities are thieves, crooks, out right dishonest. They black mail me, and was using me as pawnshop to get clients at there facilities. The made me homeless and was collecting my rent every month, I did not know what was happening, Management and Staff they are very dishonest.
Management and Staff uses me to full this facility, they try on many occasions to set me up as a thief, but fail, then give me eviction notice, try raising my rent, before it's time.
I was at this facility from October 20th 2012 to June 30th 2016. Just over 44 months.
This facility is a storage den of thieves Management and staffs are criminals. They are part of a criminal movement in Canada.
Rent at your own high risk.

By: Longrodds