My wife went in on her own with a flat tire. They took it off and put her spare on and charged her over $50!!!!!!! When I called and said I think there has been a mistake the horrible lady on the desk started out right lying. She was saying the wheel was badly siezed but the car is only 7 months old. The she said we charged .5 of an hour at $90 but my wife was not even there for 30 mins. BE AWARE THIS PLACE WILL TAKE ADVANTAGE OF SINGLE PEOPLE WHO DONT KNOW ANY BETTER!!!!!!!!

By: Mossy85



Bought over 400.00 worth of services for upper lip and chin hair removal. Was not totally successful, was told by owner that some people may need more. Really! No one mentioned that to me. Having difficult time getting her to give me a solution.
Will be in touch with better business bureau in regards to their practice.

Off to get upper lip waxed, costly lesson

By: jkubat


terrible dealership

Terrible customer service, poor management response if any to customer complaints, sold new car with dent on door, dealership dealt with it terribly, promised things that they did not deliver. Nine months later engine trouble left for 2 days with no rental car, still waiting to hear about outcome even though it is covered by warranty. Katie and Eric did not respond to one email or phone call. Would not deal with this dealership again.

By: sindy74