Very Appreciative

RCC was a nice and responsive company when it came to my waterproofing needs. They came on time, gave me a timeline of when things would happen, and when I thought there was a re-leak they came the next day (it ended up being just leftover water). They were very helpful, and I appreciate their hard work.

By: Heather


Sweet 16th Birthday

Everything went perfect, tonight went so smoothly and everything was amazing! Whether it was the food, the decorations, the staff everybody was very amused with everything tonight, we all had a great time and we were dancing the night away. Jey coordinated everything perfectly, so were had no stress what-so-ever and everyone had great time and that's all that mattered and he made my 16th birthday one that I will never forget!

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By: Sarah


The product doesn't work

I ordered two products that I was very interesting. The shipping was very fast, that was great. However, one of those doesn't work. I'm very disappointed beacuse of that reason. It's a bad beacuse I don't want to buy there again.

By: non-member128524





I am so sorry to hear that you received a defective item. Can you please email me your order number and the item number of the defective unit. This will help me resolve the issue. My email address is

I do apologize for the inconvenience this has caused.

Sylvia / General Manager
Phone: 416.900.0927

Christian Fruci

I have unfortunately had several issues with parts on my 2015 Ford Expedition just this past year. I have however been very fortunate to have Christian as my service advisor. He has been understanding and able to accommodate my schedule with respect to service days and times. He has also been very helpful in finding a vehicle for me to use while mine is being serviced. Being my service advisor for a year now he is always friendly and courteous, not only with myself but I have also seen him be welcoming and very helpful to other customers as I wait to drop off or pick up my vehicle.

If there should be a problem or parts that are required Christian recommends the appropriate course of action always letting me know if it is an immediate problem or one that can wait. I feel very confident leaving with my vehicle once it has been in for service!
Thank you Christian Fruci and Pine Tree Ford

By: saracarnevale


Exterior Home Job

The RCC crew came to my home and fixed my waterproofing problem completely. They were done far more quickly than I imagined and left the house extremely clean and orderly. My sales representative was very accommodating and answered ALL my questions (sorry for asking too many). All the follow-ups were great to ask questions to eliminate any hesitations I had.
Best waterproofing company I have used so far! And the warranty is a great peace of mind

By: Beverly


Fast, Easy, and Reliable!

Everything went well, it was clean and quick and the crew was very friendly. They let my boys watch the machines, and were very trusting. It was a good experience especially compared to many deceitful waterproofing companies out there. My estimator Jeffrey was great and knew what he was talking about.

By: Carol


Not Gold Standard service

The salesperson who came to my home was polite and courteous. When I asked why his quote was the highest I have ever received he explained that wiping of all of the bottoms of the windows was included so I agreed to the service. The sales person also told me I didn't need to be home for the service to be completed and that if I wasn't home notification would be left on my front door that the service was provided. When I arrived home from work on my scheduled day there was no notice on my door that the work had been completed. I looked around and noticed that not one window ledge had been wiped. They were filthy. I figured they didn't come. 3 weeks later I got a call from the office requesting payment. When I explained that I felt they hadn't come or received an invoice I was told that the confirmation the day before was guaranteed they would come and they do not leave notice on your door if you are not home since they are paperless. So, why couldn't an...

By: Homeowner12