I walked into this store advising David that I was involved in a large renovation within my home that required a complete set of new Kitchen appliances. It started off on a good note in person and then I left the store after being invited to their VIP Sale.

The following day, I sent an email to confirm the VIP invite and was responded to by their Manager, Carlos (did this guy linger around a computer all day long I wondered)? He showed some interest initially (I wondered if this Guy was just greedy, intercepting Salesman's Sales), but after some misinformation surrounding Electrolux, I was soon sluffed off by this useless Manager after many back and forth emails.

Carlos intervened for whatever reason and couldn't give me a price or straight forward answer or provide me with a date and time to come in and seal a deal on the Frigidaire Pro Series, even after I stated that I was available the following week. I tried to be my own Salesman and the guy...



I had my Winter Wedding at Romas and it was incredible. Themanager Janet was also my coordinator and she was so sweet with great ideas that helped bring my dream wedding together. The head serve Val was so nice and helpful and very kind as well. Food was so good not like normal banquet food that is bland and cold! Any questions had are answered quickly and the other women that work in the office were really helpful too when Janet was not in. Thanks Romas! :)

By: kgb313



Thank you so much for the kind words! We are thrilled to have been a part of your special day! We wish you the best and hope that we will see you again!