Having looked through the list of Osteopathic Schools, I was very delighted to find the opportunity to learn Osteopathy at the National Academy of Osteopathy. I have decided to apply for this programme because I was sure it would strongly enrich my future and help me in my prospective career. NAO formed the basis of my perseverance towards achieving an in-depth knowledge in the field of Osteopathy.
Moreover I consider this programme as a great opportunity to get in touch with excellent people (professors, students). Thank you again Dr. Pourgol and NAO staff!


Oleg Bagrin, MD(Europe), DO(Spain), DOMP
Osteopathic Manual Practitioner
Transformations in Health Clinic, Maple, On

By: obagrin


NAO providing DOMP is a great program

I am a graduate of NAO , I have had 15 years clinical experience as a massage and sports therapist.
Was a very good experience to learn from this school, however if you are studying from distance you better be very disciplined. I did travel to Toronto from Bermuda and was welcomed open arm by the staff and professors to attend class for a day on campus. I was very humbled as many of my classmates were MD and very educated in a variety of backgrounds. Some courses challenged me a lot, others were more easy for me. Through this time with them I feel I have become a better person, and definitely a better therapist over all. I realize, however that opinions are totally subjective, and as with all programs, there are growing pains and always room for way to improve. I feel NAO is great, Dr Pourgol and his staff are fantastic . They continue to improve the curriculum and the subjects are relevant to any practicing health professional today.
If you are passionate and motivated this program I recommend to anyone.

By: bodybythomas


Some service reps are better than...

A word of caution for anyone going to this dealership for service to avoid Chris (Assistant service manager, sits in the middle). Having been to this dealership on numerous occasions within the last 2 years for all sorts of service and have sat around their waiting area waiting for my car to be ready. Some waits were 30 minutes, some were upwards of 3-4 hours depending on work. During these wait times I have heard Chris try to always up-sell customers on various services they were not requesting or requiring. He uses a lot of sales scare tactics without knowing the facts if it is even applicable to the car you have. Some examples have been (From personal conversations with him and those I have overheard):

1) "You must have a transmission flush, if you have issues with your transmission down the line and they see you've never done a transmission flush, it will void your warranty" - True for some VW models but not all, but he will tell you this as if it were fact...

By: zoink540



By: VW89

That is so true, Chris is the worst service adviser I have seen. He will make you replace parts that your car doesn't need replaced and overcharge you on the labor hours. He is doing a great job at destroying VW Oakville image. I do not want to think he is doing all that up-selling in order to respond to a sales directive from his managers.


Reading about this Chris/Tom comparison I can't refrain to bringing my contribution to the matter: the Service department management knows very well about Chris lying to you about work you need done to your car and over-charging you on labor hours, it is their policy.
Firstly, have you noticed that if you get lucky to deal with Tom when you drop your car, he advises you that Chris will take care of you further on? Why? - of course because he will try to squeeze more money from you any way he can and that is something Tom cannot do out of honesty. You will later in the day get a call from Chris advising that you need more done to your car and they will go as far as replacing a good part of your car only to increase their sales. They will even tamper with your old part in order to make it look bad if you require to check it out, it happened to me. Secondly, Chris's sales behavior is well known but what has management done about it? - exactly nothing because it is in their interest. Be sure that every time you walk into Oakville VW dealership you will be lied and over-billed, this is the their business model and it happens in many dealerships, it is an quasi-generalized anomaly, while customers are working hard and honest and need their cars to commute to work businesses like this one will leach on their back.

NAO Graduate

I've read a lot of reviews including the 1 star rating which comments were "fake schools", " not accredited", "insurance claims were rejected" and I would like to make it clear for people.

In Ontario, Alberta, Quebec, even across Canada wide our graduates can join and "accredited" by Ontario Osteopathic Alternative Medicine Association (OOAMA), Society of Osteopath Canada (SOC), National Manual Osteopathic Society (NMOS), Ontario Association of Osteopathic Practitioners (OAOP) just to name a few. Upon graduation, you may join either associations to bill insurance company under extended health care plans (EHCP) in order for your patients/clients to receive reimbursements. I do not have issues in terms of billing or rejected claims.

I was a in-class student so my review will be base on that only. The Professors which instructed our class are professional, well-rounded knowledge and extremely patients with us. I cannot comment on...

By: nutridition


Repair Work

Thank you to the team at Lyons for restoring my vehicle after a minor accident, but special thanks to Cameron for making the whole experience pleasant and convenient. I was always greeted with professionalism and courtesy by Cameron who ensured my vehicle would be repaired with the utmost precision. My vehicle looks great and I will be pleased to return in the future when necessary. Thank you once again!

By: laurdh33


I had a really good experience with NAO

I did my research looking at a school which fit my style of independent learning. I loved the on campus practicals for learning techniques. The teachers/professors answered all of my questions and were easily accessed by email.

I had a health background prior to taking Manual Osteopathy at NAO.
Currently, I have my own business in Montreal called On The Go Osteo. The business lectures helped me set up a good model and now I am expanding. I would invite you to come see my office space or make an appointment to experience the benefits of Manual Osteopathy.

This is one of the best life decisions I have made. I love when people walk out of my office with a smile on their face because they are feeling better and more energized!

Your experience is what you make it. You can read all the reviews and make a judgement, however it really comes down to what...

By: annshivas


I studied at CCO and NAO

Choosing the profession is a very difficult decision but when we finally know what we would like to do in our professional life, there is always a dilemma which school to pick. When I decided to study osteopathy 18 years ago, right after graduating from the Massage Therapy College, there was only one school providing this type of education – the Canadian College of Osteopathy (CCO). Now there are several programs available at the different schools. It’s not the secret that CCO has a very good reputation around the world to be one of the best schools offering manual osteopathy program. I can confirm that after studying there for 5 years. It gave me the opportunity to establish successful practice and open my own clinic. A few years ago I heard about NAO offering a 1 year full time program in Manual Osteopathy. Health care professionals can complete it within 6 months. At first I was shocked but finally I became intrigued. I decided to enroll in on-line program myself. I can say...

By: osteo1


Second time ...

I did my house in 2 stages and the first job was amazing but NewRidge outdid themselves on the second visit. I asked the original job be rebuffed as I had done a lot of renovations and with it, a lot of dust, paint spots, scrapes on the floor. The floors (both originally done and newly done) are absolutely beautiful and they even did the stairs I had since put in to the basement.

Arranged and accommodated my changing the dates, came exactly as stipulated and completed on time and per their quote.

I would not hesitate to and have recommended them numerous times.


By: Marrianne Crawford




Thanks Marianne for taking the time to write a review and provide a recommendation. It was a pleasure for both Sebastian, myself and his crew to work with you once again on this 2nd floor project. Please keep us in mind again for any future projects and let your friends and family know if they are looking to update there hardwood floors and/or stairs.
Thanks again.


Good experience working with vick dogra

Vick dogra is a thorough proffessional and is having deep knowledge in his profession . He understood my requirement and put his experience to show the house of my kind after detailing of my requirement and budget.
He finally got me a house with his dedication and ownership.
I am very glad and happy working with him.
I will definately work with him for my future assignments .

Thanks vick and good luck .

By: Jimmy001


My 2017 Ford Escape

Last July I purchased a 2017 Ford Escape at West Coast Ford Lincoln.
I found that the staff of West Coast Ford Lincoln were friendly and very co-operative.

I was able to use their website to examine their inventory and select the vehicle that I wanted. When I arrived at the dealership, I gave them the vehicle identification number and they promptly took me to that car.

I am very pleased with this car. It suits my needs. It also has a good warranty.
Based upon my past experience at West Coast Ford Lincoln, I am confident that this dealership will do a good job when it comes to doing maintenance work on my car.

By: bjames8



I purchased my Focus in 2013 from Oak-Land Ford and have been taking it home ever since for service.
I have moved from Oakville to Burlington and now moving to Milton. I will continue to take my car to Oak-land for service as they are awesome. I plan to purchase my new vehicle there as well when the time comes.
Keep up the good work!



lies , defective matress and hiding...

I am currently going through the process of returning a kings down matress that we paid 1600$ for orginally. We bought the matress from the decarie location of Dormez vous from a Tony zambino. First Mr. Zambito lied through his teeth about several things ,first we wanted to finance the bed to which we were told the credit check wouldn't actually touch our line of credit , that is a lie . That financing is free , when in actuality there is a 21 or 25$ fee for the financing. If the two lies wernt enough he ran through the process of number crunching where the seller acts like he's giving you a fantastic deal , jots down a bunch of numbers and basically just confuses you so you think your getting a good deal , it's all just a scam .why? Because if they do in fact lower the price of the matress , good luck getting a fair trade in when your matress needs to be returned or exchanged , it means you'll be paying out of pocket when that time come , such was the case with...

By: penzogritty

category: Beds & Mattresses - Retailers

Long Time Planet Ford Customer

As at August 2016, I have purchased a 2009 Ford Fusion, a 2010 Ford Focus (my Daughter's car), a 2013 Ford Edge and just recently a 2017 Ford Escape. I have serviced all of these vehicles on a regular basis always at Planet Ford and have always had totally acceptable service and excellent communication with the service advisors. I will continue to buy and to service my vehicles at Planet Ford and I am very comfortable referring anyone to Planet Ford. Aside from their parking lot being super busy all the time ... which is pretty much a common issue at all dealerships .... I have nothing but good things to say about the sale experience and the service experience at Planet Ford in Brampton, Ontario.

By: benh