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Not Returning

My family (me, husband and son) decided to go for dinner at the Pizza Hut on Bayfield Street on March 11th, 2016. We walked in and were shocked at the changes as there was no longer waitresses or waiters, and it was set up like a fast food joint. We decided to stay and ordered a large pizza and chicken wings and three glasses of pop. Our bill came to $70.00. When the pizza arrived it was tiny. It was not the usual large size that we would get in the past, it was more like a medium. The wings were good, but there was no atmosphere in the restaurant. It was also pretty empty. I did not like the new layout, the fast food set-up or the prices for this fast food. There were other customers who walked in the door and walked out after only a couple minutes at the counter. Unfortunately, Pizza Hut has now lost us as customers. It might not mean much as we are only 3 people, but there were others who left as well without ordering. We will not be back. $70.00 for one pizza and some chicken wings. REALLY????

By: zolaks

Pizza Hut

Barrie, ON