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Never ending disappointment: Uhaul...

July 18th – we arrived at the appointed time of 7am only to be told the job would be divided into two parts – the experienced installer would not be in till 11 am. When the truck was pulled out to the parking lot for our inspection we immediately noticed 3 things:
1. The tail light was loose and sticking out
2. There was greasing hand prints along the bumper and door frames
3. Upon further inspection, we discovered scratches under the tail light when the installer did not bother the protect the surface – he allowed the light to swing and sway all over the surface and there is a small indentation from the point of the light assembling.
The young lady behind the counter said she could not see any scratches. An older man appeared and also declared there were no scratches in a very aggressive and rude manner. When we asked the young lady who he was, she told us he was just another employee.
Time was now 8:30 so we paid for the work completed and went...

By: wyliefamily

U-Haul Moving & Storage at Warden Ave

Scarborough, ON