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Not My kind of eatery!

Really not much of a restaurant. the tables are jammed together so you have no space to move, let alone eat. the food is pedestrian to say the least, and when it finally arrived it was greasy and cold.

The service is iffy - they are far more interested in selling booze than food. Once they find out you are not giving them a big drink order, they ignore you.

They couldn't even provide me with a mineral water, and gave me some lukewarm tap water. incredible!

By: wezel

Roc'n Doc's

Mississauga, ON

Very pleasant

A very pleasant dining experience and a very pleasant "tea and cakes" experience.

We were in a huge rush the first time we went, and they rose to the occasion. We were in and out within an hour and well dined.

Now these folk know how to make a Crepe!! delightful seafood Crepe. Everything cooked to perfection and piping hot. Service pleasant and unobtrusive.

Prices are reasonable for the type of place (table clothes, licenced), pleasant ambiance

The next visit was for a tea and cakes treat and again, the service was great and the cakes? Well the cakes are killer and don't bother going there if you're on a diet - that's all I'll say about that.

By: wezel

Apricot Tree

Mississauga, ON


Coras makes a big deal about serving Crepes and pancakes, unfortunately they do not actually appear to know how to make real Crepes and their pancakes are quite awful!

I have had the misfortune to go for breakfast there three times and have been really disappointed each time.

In addition to all the other annoyances, I found the service bad and the cashiers rude.

Specifically - the first time I went there, I ordered Crepes. I love Crepes, and used to haunt various Crepe restaurants in Toronto. I actually know how to make Crepes, so I think I can judge a good crepe when I taste it. Coras crepes are NOT real Crepes, I'm not sure what they are, sort of a cross between a tough pancake and a really badly made and spongey crepe, but not a good crepe. It was however, Served with plenty of fresh fruit.

The next time I went, I had pancakes. Well, that too was a huge mistake. what I got was something resembling shoe leather in consistency and sawdust in...

By: wezel

Cora's Breakfast & Lunch

Mississauga, ON

Great Home Made fare

Blue Danube Sausage House is a small, family owned business which caters to the Hungarian community in particular, but also carries a wide selection of other Eastern European specialties.

Their sausages are home-made in their smokehouse. They have a great selection of great hot items for take-out lunch, including various soups and sandwich fillings - home made ham and turkey, roast beef, and more. The quality of their various products is excellent.

I have shopped their for 10 years and the quality has never varied - it's great.

By: wezel

Blue Danube Sausage House Ltd

Mississauga, ON