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Horrible experience!

My husband ordered flowers to be delivered on Valentine’s Day; I phoned a week beforehand to confirm the address and was unable to reach anyone for over four days. Left countless voice mails, sent numerous emails which were never replied to. Finally got a hold of someone a few days before Valentine's Day, took her about 10 minutes to find my order, said the ordering system was complicated and that they were flooded with orders. Confirmed the delivery address with her. Valentine's Day rolls around and no flowers! Called on Feb. 15 to find out what happened and once again had to deal with the answering machine. Once again left numerous voice mails, sent emails none of which were answered. My husband finally got a hold of someone, a very rude woman with a heavy accent who basically told him he was lying, that no such order existed (it turns out they had provided us with someone else’s order number!!). When he asked to speak to the manager, she told him he was to busy to...

By: vkas

Rideau Florist Ottawa

Ottawa, ON



I had the exact same problem! I'm finding every review website and posting on it! I hope these guys go out of business, cuz this is a joke. My flowers were two days late! They guaranteed me twice they would be delivered, and they never were. HORRIBLE PLACE!!!