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Worst renting experience EVER !

This is my 2nd time dealing with this UHAUL location. both experience were horrible, and I will NOTgo back to this place again.

The latest one was on Aug 30, on the day of picking up the truck. I did express check in online prior for the pick up. I arrived the pick up location about 30 mins before the pick up time, and I saw there are 2 counters open. 1 with the huge line up, and the other one has no customer. I have my fiance lined up at the huge line, and I wanted to talk to the girl who is not helping customer on the other counter. I just wanna to ask her about the express check in I did, and where I should line up at. This person, name Tanya Stoner, was very very rude to me, and said : "you need to line up I don't care you checked in or not." I said :"I am just asking you a question, I never said I'm jumping in the line, and I didn't ask you to help me with the truck pickup or anything. I never did express online check in before, can you please...

By: viv7v7

U-Haul Moving & Storage at Warden Ave

Scarborough, ON