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Diane's 30th Birthday - Again!......

A few weeks ago we celebrated our friend sweetpea's birthday. Apparently her 30th birthday dinner last year at Alice Fazooli's, in Diane's words was "TOO quiet". So this year it was a two-part celebration - "part classy and part trashy". Welcome to "part classy".

Dinner was held at Messis, a wonderful little restaurant located on Harbord and Spadina, that serves up a bevy of fusion dishes. The restaurant was small and very cozy. Our group's tables probably took up a third of the restaurant. Music played in the background just at the right level that you could have conversations with the people around you. The staff were very welcoming and our server was very knowledgable, from the wine list to the last minute changes on the dessert menu.

I started off with a glass of Shiraz as I waited on appetizer and main course.

For the appetizer I went with the "Grilled...

By: veronica


Toronto, ON



Sounds like a great deal... and good to boot... always nice to hear something was a hit... ok now for the trashy


Wow! Fantastic review you wrote, Veronica! & the pictures are definitely worth a thousand words!
Looks like you had an absolute riot!

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What a concept!

As a young couple living in the downtown core, simon and Nina (not yet a member), do not have the need for a car... And the associated costs that go with it - parking, insurance, maintenance, gas, and so on. From where they are the "Better Way" is easily accessible, albeit a pain in the arse sometimes!

And for those times when the gang heads out to Mississauga, or run errands that require a vehicle, they call on Auto Share to provide the ride. It's convenient - simon just goes online and reserves a car, hassle free! All it costs him is the initial application, membership fee and roughly $6/hour for the time used! How smart is that?

Auto Share are also partners with major car rental companies, which means special rates and discounts on longer trips for members.

By: veronica

Auto Share Car Sharing Network

Toronto, ON



i love the photos .. looks like the gang had way too much fun with the smart car!!!


i have always wondered how these things work and if they are worth it. they have cars everywhere, or so it seems. i just dont understand the logistics of it.

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Relaxing get-away in Muskoka

What a great place to get far, far away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The Heart of Muskoka is hidden deep in beautiful Muskoka on Three Mile Lake, within 20-30 min drive from Bracebridge, Port Carling and Huntsville. They are located right on the lake and out of earshot of traffic.

The resort has six cabins, ranging from one to four bedrooms. The Morado clan stayed in the Birchview, which was huge and came equipped with all the ameneties - including satellite TV and fair size bedrooms. Our deck faced towards the lake where you can sip your coffee as the sunrises and hold a large family meal gathering with enough room for a bbq grill!

As their website says, they are a family friendly resort. There are lots of activities from fishing, hiking, beach volleyball, swimming, canoing, paddleboating or just vegging on the beach, my personal fave - hey, this was supposed to be a relaxing trip, afterall!

At first I was a...

By: veronica

Heart of Muskoka Cottage Resort

Bracebridge, ON



Cabins looks clean and functional. And wonderful views. It makes the 3 hour drive "almost" worth it.


Glad to hear you had a great vacation with us! Turning off the main road into our private drive, some people may wonder where the road is taking them. Then suddenly they find themselves entering a private enclave of the main road...a beautiful property and panoramic view of the Lake. Thanks again for taking the time to provide us with your vacation feedback.

Beautiful Begonias

I'm biased when it comes to this particular greenhouse. I always make sure to make a trip here whenever I'm in Newmarket. Their specialty are begonias, good for landscaping or as potted plants. Aside from the staple begonia, they also offer seasonal plants as the shamrock, cactus and pointsettas. As growers and wholesalers, they supply retailers such as Wal-Mart, local grocery chains and flower shops.

By: veronica


Newmarket, ON



I saw some of these on your desk this morning! They are very nice.


awesome .. do they have other plants in there or just flowers? .. i should pay a visit because i am moving and need some green liveliness on our new patio ..

Never a bad seat...

I enjoy watching events at the Hershey Centre because I have yet to get a bad seat. The place isn't big enough to have a "nosebleed" section. I've watched hockey games and my nieces' cheerleading competitions here - all with great views.

On Friday and Saturday, the Hershey Centre held the Men's Vball World competition between Brazil and Canada. The place was jumping and very yellow. It really shows how much pride Brazilian fans have in their sports - and with good reason. The Brazilian team defeated Canada in every game, although they did come close in a few games.

The shirts would have helped their game or at least make them and the Canadian fans look good.

By: veronica

Hershey Centre

Mississauga, ON



the brazilians have great legs!


where are the red canadian fans?

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Nothing like the taste of the Rouge...

... and I mean that literally. Everytime our raft lost to the rapids, we drank a bit of the Rouge River. Exciting, exhilirating nevertheless.

Aside from rafting, New World offers variety of activities like horseback riding, beach volleyball and bungee jumping.

There are lots of accommodations if you don't mind tenting. The majority of adventurers are the drinking partying kind so don't plan on getting much sleep while you're there.

There's a cafeteria on-site to serve up breakfast and dinner that comes with your package. Just be sure to get up on time for breakfast or, just like us, you'll be eating at Harvey's in Ottawa! Good thing it's just across the bridge.

The rafting guides are wild and crazy, making the whole rafting experience exhilirating. They attack every rapid, guaranteeing you'll flip everytime!

My "Oh crap" rapid is the Draino, because just like in the tv commercials, you get sucked into a whirlpool and get spit out nowhere near your raft praying for a kayaker to pluck you out of the rapids.

By: veronica


Grenville-sur-la-Rouge, QC



holy shit!!! i so have to go .. how much does this whole thing cost? did anyone get hurt? sounds king of dangerous .. do you have to be a great swimmer for this or just lifejacket is good enough :-)


And within 24 hours of reading your review I've made plans to go with one of my high school buddies for a weekend in July.
I cant wait to be tossed around by rapids again :)

Strictly for fishing...

It's cottage season and I'm sure everyone itches to get away. If you're looking for elegant, luxurious accommodations right on the water... this place isn't it:(

Their "cottages" are actually cabins that come with the basics - a place to sleep, shower, cook and eat. But the view is amazing - check out the pics - which, I think, more than makes up for the lack of quality accommodations.

By: veronica


Lindsay, ON



looks amaaazing ... the view that is :-) can't wait to get out for the weekends!!

Where to go when nothing is open...

... Go for Tea. After 1 o'clock in the morning nothing much stays open in Markham suburbia, with the exception of Go for Tea. That's why there's always a line up, but great company and good conversations make the wait time short. They offer different concoctions of tea and a variety of dessert selection. But if you arrive late in the evening (or really early in the morning) you'll have a limited selection.

By: veronica


Thornhill, ON



whatever that first picture is, it looks AMAZING. perfect thing to eat right before bed in my books.


is there a gym right next to this spot? :-)

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Elegance in Kleinburg

The Doctor's House is beautiful, from the landscaping to its interior structure. Considered a historical landmark, it earned its name during the 1860's when it housed Kleinburg's many doctors. Every dining area has the touches of the old colonial architecture, but my favourite is "The Verandah".

It's a little pricey. The buffet brunches is the best deal. For $40 (adult) the selection is great. Lots of variety from salads; seafood (lobster, shrimp, calamari, mussels, salmon); cold meats (prosciutto, capicollo, smoked ham); hot items and desserts.

And while you're there, you can visit the McMichael Art Gallery, another one of Kleinburg's gem.

By: veronica

The Doctor's House

Ontario, ON

PB Sherway's upgraded menu takes...

Out with the three-fold laminated menu and in with the polished wire-bound BOOK. It's a polished look but when you're hungry sometimes all you want is the usual. They replaced some of our faves with more healthier choices - some good, some not so good. I had the tilapia over brown rice all covered with lobster sauce. The sauce was delish but too much makes the dish runny. The guys were not impressed with the new bruschetta. It comes in the shape of a teepee and you have to put it together before you can enjoy it.

By: veronica

The Pickle Barrel

Etobicoke, ON



i know what u mean. we went to the yonge eg PB and the server kept coming back to take our order....."MORE TIME....We need MORE TIME" we would say....then she claimed it was the SAME menu except like one page of steaks/seafood. The rest is the same. Believe it? not.


I was just at Pickle Barrel for brunch yesterday and I commented on the menu being too big! It takes too long to decide, especially when you're hungry.
Good belgium waffles though!

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