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Cheap shot

Having read the negative review by the woman who was comparing the Oakville Fabutan to the salon she kept mentioning by name. One can see right though what she trying to do. I have been going to the Oakville outlet for about 5 years and have not once, experience any of the complaints she mentioned. I am 6ft 2in 215 lbs and have never got stuck in , what she calls tiny rooms. I am there to tan not have a party.
The staff always been friend, knowledgeable, and top notch at keeping the salon in, excellent shape.
I would be curious to know why her salon was closed while Fabutan was open. Sound like Fabutan is catering to the public in a professional way.
Sounds like she was out looking for cheap shots on behalf or the other Salon.
I will continue to take my busy to The Oakville Fabutan, where the staff are professionals.

By: uncleyogi

Fabutan Sun Tan Studios

Oakville, ON