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B.L.A.C is the latest incarnation of a company formerly known as Katana Marketing Solutions, or KMS. They change their name in an effort to run away from their reputation, and also so they can continue to prey on unsuspecting job seekers. They have also operated under the names Still Marketing and TPSN. The one constant about this company is that they are a franchise of one of the biggest scammers out there: CYDCOR. Look it up on the net and you will find out for yourself what a horrible organization this actually is.

The information being outlined here is 100% truthful and accurate. I know because I worked there, and wasted almost two years of my life. My reason for posting is simply to inform and hopefully save somebody else the hardships and anguish I endured. So here are the facts:

*****As far as what the job is:

I was told that I could earn up to $1000/week if I just learned their "system" of sales techniques. Well let me tell you,...

By: truthspeaker

Katana Marketing Solutions, Inc.

Ottawa, ON



I worked for Katana for a period of 5 months. Everything that this guy has said is TRUE. I was making next to nothing working there (about $120 a week, yes I'm serious) all the while, I was being fed these lies about how much money there was to be made. My life literally crumbled around me because of this company. And yes, I understand that people are responsible for their own actions, but I was only 18 at the time, and impressionable, and the promises of money from someone I respected (Doug Hogg) was enough to keep me there. You are forced to work 6 days a week, literally nearly 12 hour days just to scrape by, and even that won't be enough for you to pay bills/rent/etc.. And even after working SO hard you make NOTHING. What happened to me is once I started working there, I didn't have time to look for another job. I got so in the hole in terms of finances that I wasn't even able to take the time to find a new job because, if getting that new job took even 2 weeks, I wouldn't be able to continue even living. My girlfriend of 5 years left me because I was spending so much time at this company, and now I don't blame her, why would she want to date someone that was gone 14 hrs a day, and then when I was home, I had to immediately go to bed, because I had to go to work the next day! On top of this, I was evicted from my apartment and had to borrow money from friends and family because I was making NONE at Katana. It probably works out to about $1.66/hr and yes I'm serious. It was the most horrible time of my life, and to this day I am still jaded by that point in my life. I lost everything that mattered to me, my relationships, my home, my dignity. I had to move back to my parent's home, a 20 hour drive away from Ottawa, and leave all my friends behind, and didn't even have the chance to attempt to get back with my girlfiend. It was terrible and I don't wish it upon my worst enemy. And I haven't even talked about how horrendous the actual job is! Here's a day in the life of Katana. 1. Show up at the office. 2. Do 'Roleplaying' (practicing what you'll say to people on THEIR doorsteps. 3. print a map of the city. 4. Take public transit to a part of the city and knock on people's doors ALL F*CKING DAY trying desperately to get them to agree to your deals. All the time you are berated and looked down upon, it's terrible. When someone does agree to your deal you have to ask to use THEIR phone to call it in, and if you're lucky enough to have the deal go through, and that person not cancel, you make maybe $12. It's SICK. 5. Go back to the office, and sit there, incurring some more brainwashing. 6. Take public transit home, and go straight to bed, as you have to wake up and do it all again the next day. And my final point, know this, Doug Hogg (the owner) still lives with his parents and takes public transit to work. Ask yourself if that's the signs of a successful person.

Doug, this is NOT a personal attack towards you. In fact as a person, you are a great guy. My personal opinion to you is to find a new business or job while you are still relatively young, surely your sales experience could land you a job at many places. My only motive here is ensure people hear the real information because my life was literally ruined for a long time, and only now am I recovering from the turmoil.. good luck