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November 2015 Year End Tarion Home...

Called Ernie @ Lighthouse to do my 1st year end Tarion inspection today and an Angel showed up instead! Had an inspection done by Ernie for a client previously so without hesitation I called him up for my own house. Due to scheduling conflicts, Ernie made arrangements for Tim Palmer to replace him. No disrespect to Ernie and the amazing work he does. But unfortunately I have to leave a review for Tim. Like I mentioned above, the Angel showed up and as he was examining the exterior, it started to rain wet snow. This is after a week of above normal temps. Poor thing (I mean Tim)! We made our way into the warmth of inside and boy did I make Tim regret taking Ernie's appointment. Lol. Seriously! Tim was so thorough, explaining things I didn't know and answering everything I asked him. Now I can submit my year end report to Tarion with soooo much confidence that my house was in good hands. Thank you Tim! And thank you Ernie!

Love Kim : )

By: triple84u

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Mississauga, ON