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Excellent First Class Service

I purchased there “The Works auto detailing service” and polish as my car hadn’t been detailed in over 3 years and it was starting to show. My paint was starting to look really dull and I had horrible swirl marks from going to the gas station car wash. DoubleTake Auto Spa’s staff exceeded my expectations. The service was prompt, professional and very thorough. They were able to remove spots from my interior that I honestly didn't think would be able to removed. My exterior is now swirl FREE and the shine is truly stunning. They educated me on how the right “sealant” can aid in protecting my car exterior against swirl marks and harmful contaminates so I had them apply it, I’m so glad I did, it’s been a full week and the weather has been really bad and rainy but my car still feels really smooth and the shine is still vibrant! The dirt is not clinging to my car, the rain is rolling off without leaving any water spots. No more going to the local car wash for me, I now realize my car deserves better.

By: tparmar78

DoubleTake Auto Spa

Fremont, CA