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I've been going to this gym for well over a year now and I would say overall its good value for the money. The hours are great (5am-11pm most days), the equipment is well maintained and it has friendly staff. The gym tends to attract a more mature crowd (30+) is located in the relatively affluent Leaside area so that also reflects in the member population. Whats also good is that the partners of ths business actually work in the business so its not a faceless corporation like other gyms.

Its a medium size gym so you might have to wait to use popular cardio machines like the eliptical or treadmill during busier times, for example 5pm-7pm. usually its not a problem using machines when you want. In any case theres usually bikes available to use.

Also beware of peeping toms in the men's shower; someone keeps scratching off part of the translucent surface on some of the shower-dividing walls in order to peep into the adjoining shower. The...

By: thunderbird

Pure Fitness

East York, ON