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so much for the freeze

i have been a member of this club for less than a year. i decided to join because it was clean and affotable. so than i had a trainer and she was the best thank you Kerri. i learned alot and that was great. i also got my brother and a girl friend to join as well. i had to have brain surgery and i knew that i would not be able to go to the gym so i went and froze my membership for one month. so i thought. but than i notived that they had taken the full amount and so i called only to be told that no i would still be charged the full amount but i get an extra month free. what the hell was that. i was not told this and let's just say that it is a good thing that i have over draft. i do believe that it is a good gym but they need to explain things alot better than what they do.!!!!!!


By: sweetpea73

Pure Fitness

East York, ON


By: PT101

I just wanted to drop a line and say thanks to Angie for her kind words it really was a pleasure training you and I wish you well in reaching your fitness goals. Pure fitness is a beautiful club and has plenty of equipment and a very friendly staff. One of the best in the area! A few glitches shouldn't change ones views.