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I would marry my wife over and over...

I would marry my wife over and over and over again... and we'd pick the Atrium every time

Nearly 2 years ago my wife and I got married at the Atrium, and had our reception there as well. Every time we came in, called, e-mailed, there was always a "You're going to love this" and Alex would outline what new improvements he had done to the venue. Fresh paint, beautiful chandeliers, the A/V System, Lighting, Even the food! He genuinely, TRULY cares about your day, and will do anything... ANYTHING to make it perfect.

And that's exactly what it was. Perfect. Last minute seating changes, impulse decisions as to what goes where, and even a loveable, energetic (but clumsy) family member who took out a tray of two dozen desserts - He and his crew just took it as fact and worked around it - No worries, no sweat.

Just love, Marriage, and UGH the food. So good. Gentlemen - Make sure you have a bit of wiggle room in your suit - or you'll be popping buttons by the end of the night.

I would change nothing. It was perfect. But its not good enough for Alex and he continues to improve the place.

By: sudz

Atrium Banquet & Conference Centre

Burlington, ON