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I just got off the phone with a Grey power "rep.(using their 'contact us phone # from the general GreyPower site) I have been liscenced in Canada since 1977, I have had no speeding or other moving violations since 1977, I have had 1 no fault accident where I was rearended at a red light, and my biggest crime is that I was honest with the agent told him that I have in the past 3 years attended 4 craft sales with 2 rubbermaid tubs of home made crafts which I sold. The total amount was about $80.00 profit and I sold pretty well everything I had. Grey Power insists that my vehicle is a 'commercial use' vehicle and has to go under a commercial insurance, the same as the vehicles that big companies use to ship things to stores with and of course that is at an extremely higher cost. Just remember, do not crochet doilies, pot holders and little dog blankets and sell them at a craft sale once every 12 months or you will be paying high premiums because you are a "commercial user". Their advertising is only for people that do not have an active life and a zest for living !!!!!! Your EXPERIENCE DOES NOT COUNT !!!!

By: studiok

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Ottawa, ON