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I have had my 2015 F-150 XLT in 4 different times to repair the door latches, (Yes Plural). It only happens when it is cold out-10C & colder. 1 was the driver rear door would not latch on the bottom, 2 passenger front, 3 driver front & 4 passenger front & driver rear. Now I am waiting for parts. You would think after the umpteen dozen times other customers have brought in vehicles for the same occurance, Ford would have figured it out instead of putting on a bandaid. Come on, make it a recall already & fix the damn door latching problems. You know this is a safety problem too, due to the front seat belt is part of the rear door system.

This is Canada it gets cold 4 months of the year here.

By: stratoman113

Denny Andrews Ford Sales

Edmonton, AB