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heaven melts on your tongue

I love sushi, I meant it...i really love love sushi. If Sushi was a person, we'd be at city hall right now.(I know I make lame jokes,bare with me). This yummy place serves Japanese, Korean & other Asian delicious dishes.

This place makes amazing sushi!

The mouth watering samon rolls (yummmm), eel sushi, shrimp temptura , tuna rolls & tuna temptura rolls with spicy mayo...everything on the menu with melt in your mouth (not on your my jokes keep getting lamer).

The rolls were big (well bigger than most restaurants and bigger is better)and oh so filling. The also have some great vegetarian dishes that looked soooo yummy.

Good atmosphere!!! The staff was great and so friendly and patient (I am the most indecisive person & I would not want to wait on matter what the tip was...It's very annoying watching me order, even my friends start giving me dirty looks from across that table)....

By: simonne

Tokyo Sushi

Folsom, CA

Hernando's smelly Hideaway on...

So me and my friend decided to try Hernando's Hideaway which is Mexi-cali food, since we were starving and it was the first place we saw. As we started to walk down the stairs, OMG!!! Yuck! Right outside the restaurant it smelled soooo strong like pee!!!!
Ofcourse,I was having second thoughts & didn't want to go in but my friend was starving and she needed to sit down cause her feet were killing (should not have worn 5 inch heels to go shopping).
So anyways, we go in, and suprisingly it smelled pretty good inside. The staff (they looked like happy retired hippies) was so funny and friendly.

We both decided to have the chimichangas,which is one of my favorite unhealthy things to eat.It is a deepfried Burrito stuffed with chicken, beef, cheese, rice, beans & spices topped with more cheese and more sause. They served it with a garden salad and a bed or rice.

I enjoyed the staff more than food (which was good) because they...

By: simonne

Hernando's Hideaway

Toronto, ON



I have always wondered about that place... Due to its unfortunate location it does look more like a homeless hangout (I think its pretty warm down there in the winter) than a restaurant. I will have to give it a try because, I too, love a chimighanga (or however its spelled)!


try different location or hold your breath as you walk in, the food is pretty good and the staff to

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Yesterday, I went to Faces at Square one and was very dissapointed.

As I walked in, the sales assosiates were busy talking to eachother, completly ignoring me.
I walked around looking at the different products, and picked up a makeup brush, there was no price tag and it was an open product and a bit dirty, so I figured it was a tester. I barely held it for 5 seconds when it was GRABBED out of my hand!!!
The Sales assosiate who GRABBED it told me "Your supposed to ask for assistance if you want to see something, these are not testers, they are for sale, do you want to make a purchase?"
POLITELY, I asked her what hair the brushes were made from and she had no clue. She then walked back to her co-worker and started talking & laughing again.
I wasn't the only customer in store, there were 2 other customers getting completly ignored and waiting around until the sales assosiates finished their conversation.

I would like to say that all the Faces stores are independently owned, so I will try another location but will never return to the Faces in Square One.

By: simonne

Faces Cosmetics

Mississauga, ON



omigod! there is no excuse for that. one of the downsides to salespeople not being on comission, i guess.


It's no longer an industry secret

I discovered the store when I went to school for makeup and everyone in the industry would talk about it. I love the no frills, no pushy makeup counter sales people. If your an artist (I'm sure you know about this place) or you just love makeup, you'll love it to.

Your not gonna find the commercial Lancome, Dior, Mac cosmetics lines, instead they carry only the pro hard to find lines like Classified, Cinema Secrets, Ben Nye, Temptu, Paint and my new favorite Yaby. They also carry lines for Special FX.

They carry educational books and videos for everything from beauty makeup,body painting, stage makeup to the exciting world of special FX.

The staff is helpful and HONEST (I find it hard to find honest sales people in the retail industry). The best part is they offer different discounts.

It is located on 490 Yonge Street, North of College.

By: simonne

Industry Cosmetics & Beauty Supply Inc.

Toronto, ON

Yummy Yummy Yummy!

No matter what time you go to Ginger, it is almost always packed with people! The service is fast, the meals are so reasonably priced, and most importantly sooooo delicious!!! They are famous for their Pad Thai, Beef Noodle Soup, Egg rolls,Grilled Chicken & Shrimp. Plus, the also have some healthy choices on the menu! The most popular location is the one Younge & Bloor.

By: simonne

Ginger Restaurant

Toronto, ON



sounds good. im a HUGE fan of thai/asian food and am always on the look out for a new place to try. definetly gonna hit it up.


Ginger is probably my all-time favourite, quick and dirty asian take-out!

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