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If downtown Toronto is too far for you to travel, Diana's Seafood would be a good option for oysters.
They have a huge variety of oysters for you to choose from. Also try the scallops. Delish!
Sea bass with pomegranate sauce is also wonderful. Service is excellent. It would be wise to make a reservation as this place does get very busy in the evenings.

By: sgoodman

Diana's Seafood Delight

Scarborough, ON

Stay away!!!

My best friend got married last year and I was one of the 3 bridesmaids. One of them suggested Bridal Suite because her sister-in-law bought her dress there. And let me tell you, from the time we walked in, tried the dresses, and paid, the service was excellent. Everyone had a smile on their face.

Now, when the dresses arrived, there came the nightmare.
First of all, when I tried on my dress, the sales lady insisted that I was a size 6. I was more than positive that I was (and still am) a size 2. She stressed that the dresses are made smaller. When I got the dress, obviously it was WAYYYYY too big. They wanted to me to pay $150 for alternation fee, which is 2/3 of the price for the dress. I tried to argue with them because I already told them in the first place that size 6 would be too big. The same sales lady was so rude and refused to admit that it was her fault. I took the dress to someone else and paid almost $100 to have it altered. It still didn't look good because of the type of fabric and that it was 2 size up.
I would never recommend this store to anyone.

By: sgoodman

Bridal Suite

Vaughan, ON

If you like real Asian food!

Hawker bar is a small restaurant specializing in Malaysian/Singaporean food. The menu is simple and everything is good. The Hawker Punch is a must! Their Hainanese Chicken Rice is by far the best I had. Their chili sauce and ginger on the side bring out the flavor of the chicken. IThe Laksa Lemak is also a must try. It is rice noodle in spicy coconut soup. Very yummy!!

By: sgoodman

Hawker Bar

Toronto, ON