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I can't be very specific without compromising my already poor housing situation even further, but please, never, ever rent from Panadew. I don't know where those 5/5 star ratings are coming from, and I can only imagine that Panadew is writing them under aliases. Read the other reviews: there wouldn't be this kind of polarity with all reviews either being 5/5 or 1/5 unless there was something seriously wrong. They are rude, disregard the safety of their tenants, charge exorbitant fees for minor repairs or cleaning, and their units are filthy, but they'll try to charge you for cleaning come move out time. Also, when they show the units, they give almost no notice: this is technically legal, but incredibly disrespectful. They'll act nice when you're starting out, because they want to gain new tenants, but they mistreat their tenants once they've got them locked into leases. None of the appliances in my unit work, they ignore our maintenance requests, and...

By: sentientabyss

Panadew Property Mgmt.

Kingston, ON



First of all, thank you for highlighting your concerns with our company. We're sorry to hear of these concerns since we do our best to ensure all our tenants have a positive experience.

Since you didn't go into detail we're not aware of the exact incident you are describing, however the issues you've expressed are very concerning and are certainly not in line with how we operate.

We've emailed you at the address you provided in your review, however have not received a response from you at this time. We would be happy to look into what transpired as well as resolve this for you, if you would allow us to help you by contacting a Panadew representative.