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Steve Bottyan pissed off oil guy

I own a 2007 Kia, 17666 klm to date only people that do service since new is this location of Mr lube. second oil change, i noticed a major oil leak, seemed to be leaking for a fairly long time, so i checked my fluids, found my engine oil over full, still i went to a repair shop and paid a technician to put my car on the hoist, so i could see my self, what i found is my oil filter was falling off and leaking like crazy "good thing i turned down that trip to Alberta" so i fixed my self, i also cleaned the frame rail , but left most of it as engine is covered etc. as oil was all over, as i wanted to show these guys it had been leaking, i told these guys the whole story at my next oil change, at the end they wrote on my invoice that my engine has a oil leak , rear seal is sweating as well as transmission and linkage, that's when i wanted to talk to the manager , he would not come out, all the technician did is recheck every thing, poor poor poor poor public relations, in my auto business we do what ever we have to to make a customer satisfied. here i would have liked a little compensation , but never got it, think ill be back, think i wont tell my friends in the automotive business, i think so, yours truly Steve Bottyan

By: sbcooks

Mr Lube

Surrey, BC



If your oil filter was falling off, you wouldn't have been able to drive the vehicle out of the parking lot, little loan to the mechanics. Your engine oil being overfull, with an oil filter that was falling off? Sounds suspicious. Theres a great deal of pressure in an oil filter, your oil would have drained out in minutes of leaving the shop. you never would have made it to the mechanic. sounds like someone is fishing for a new car.


Do you work for Mrs Lube or just a heavy asshole