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Run don't walk AWAY from Zeneba

My experience with Zeneba Academy of Esthetics rates a "0" and here is why:

I have never seen such an unprofessional and scammy group as Zeneba! I purchased my dealfind deal in June and the first available appt. was Sept. 1. I went online and booked all 16 appts. beginning Sept 1. The first appt. day arrived and I received a call only 90 mins. before saying they were short staffed and had to cancel that day's appt. I was not pleased but what could I do. That was bad enough but then the very next week my appt. was also cancelled!

When I finally did get in for my appts I was taken aback by the unprofessional attitudes of all the staff there. Appts. were long delayed in a waiting room with music so loud even my headphones didn't block it out and service once in the room was rushed - once in the room I was in and out in 10-15 mins. On the dealfind offer page a dealfind admin states: "one session is 60 minutes." I'm sure Zeneba...

By: sasche

Zeneba Academy of Esthetics

Calgary, AB


By: SUCH75

HAVE any of you ever thought that maybe just maybe
it has something to do with DEAL FIND and what they do to bussinesses???? JUST SAYING!!!


We have been dealing with Dealfind a long time and those people know the meaning of customer service and quality. I have spread words with all my colleagues, friends and family that Zeneba or any other name it has changed to, stinks. Big time!!!