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I was a student at Arthur Murray Dance Ottawa for awhile. It was a nice introduction to latin and Ballroom dance and I had some really good teachers but unfortunately it has gotten way too expensive to dance there. You used to be able to take a private every other week and attend as many group classes and practice parties as you could and this would cost me about $3500 for the year (I would get the 'deal' because I paid for everything up front). But now they insist that you take a private every week and use up your classes more quickly so instead of the price I was paying before it will cost me over $7000 a year now!!! No thank you! They also did not have an expiry on the verbal contract that I agreed to but now they do as well which does not work for me. I have better places to spend my money.

Because they dishonoured the contract I had signed with them and just changed to this new rule over night, two of the owners of the dance studio really ticked me off. Their...

By: samantha7happy

Arthur Murray Dance Ottawa

Ottawa, ON