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My Move to Montreal with Trillium

In September 2012 I hired Trillium Moving to assist me with my move from Saskatoon to Montreal.
I received an email from my sales rep asking if I would mind posting a few comments about my move online to help promote their company. As incentive they are offering a $5 donation to the charity of my choice for each review I post.
I had a really good experience with Trillium, no damages, the price was right, the guys were very professional and the office staff was competent and honest.
I learned the hardway from past experience that the lowest price is NEVER the best option, like anything else you get what you pay for. Do your homework and find out about the reputation of your moving company without letting the low price distract you.
I am happy to recommend Trillium Moving to anyone looking to make a move.

By: ryanosprey

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Mississauga, ON