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Many Thanks

We just relocated with Trillium Moving across the country and I wanted to say how wonderful the service was. I know that many people will not take the time to say a simple thank you, but I definetly felt like the company went above and beyond our expectations. I worked for the military and so did my husband for many years but this was our first move where we paid and arranged everything (and i hope the last one). We researched the company, and although they came out good, the reason we chose them was due to the exceptional service Kate has provided us with. Always responded to many of our inquiries and emails and always returned our calls within the same day.

I was impressed with the pick up crew and the delivery crew was just as great. They were professional, well dressed, and most of all they cared.

I would like to say that I am very pleased with the service and the price was very reasonable for our huge move.

I will post this everywhere I can to express my thanks!


North York, ON

By: rosestewart

Trillium Moving & Storage Services

Mississauga, ON