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Much better air flow

First off it's impressive when three generations show up to work together!
Everyone was very polite and congenial which was a bonus :D
The job they did was thorough and included cleaning our floor vents, dryer ducts and central vac.
The air flow from our floor ducts was noticeably improved as was the flow through the fresh air vents. Our central vacuum had improved suction as well. Being in the midst of major repairs in our home, including the installation of a new furnace, the removal of drywall dust from our ducts and the CV was wonderful. We appreciated their patience with the chaos they had to work in here! Even without the filters we had in each duct to help eliminate allergens, we have seen less dust accumulating than prior to the ducts being cleaned. In checking the furnace filter 5 days after the cleaning, it still required vacuuming to remove pet hair, but the filter wasn't filthy as it had previously been even with me vacuuming it twice weekly. The...

By: rickshelly1960


Saskatoon, SK