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Worst Company Ever!

I was a tenant of Panadew for several years, so I can say from first hand experience they are the worst company around! Their units are in dire condition, they do not respond to general maintenance requests, they ignore the interests of the tenants, when (and if) maintenance ever is preformed it is done by incompetent workers, and the charges are outrageous! Their staff are rude and contemptuous. Dealing with them is a demoralizing and heinous ordeal. I would STRONGLY advise against any dealings with them! Words can not accurately express how horrific this company is!

By: richardRR

Panadew Property Mgmt.

Kingston, ON



Hi RichardRR. We are so sorry to hear that you were not fully satisfied with your experience in living in one of our buildings. We always try to ensure that our units are in the very best condition, but unfortunately it sounds like your specific unit may have had some issues. I would like to direct you to give us a call at your convenience to try and amend this situation. Again, we are sorry to hear this has been a difficult experience for you and I hope that we can move forward and find a solution.