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Very disappointing

We have been to this restaurant many times over the years and have found that a restaurant we once loved has gone downhill dramatically in the quality and quantity of the meals. Tonight was a great disappointment. The prices have increased and the plates are smaller. We each had haddock and chips. One small piece of fish and about 15 small french fries and a tiny portion of cole slaw. The bowl of cole slaw was just a tiny bit bigger than the tartar sauce. The slice of lemon that they gave with the fish was mostly lemon rind and very skinny. I certainly didn't stray from my diet with this meal....we both came home hungry. We certainly won't be rushing back anytime soon. I should have known better...I usually get baked stuffed sole and the last time I ordered it there, the veggies were not offered with the meal. I could either have a potato or veggies, but not both.

By: retiredRN

Red Lobster Restaurant

Niagara Falls, ON