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Caution for anyone who is planning to use this company for dog walks/boarding.

While we were super impressed by the guy who initially came to our house, seemed genuinely interested in caring for our dog and presented us with info regarding the walks, the experience with the actual walkers was far from pleasant.

We used A Leg Up last year to provide twice daily puppy visits for our new pup who actually had broken his leg in an unfortunate accident the day we brought him home from the breeder (he is perfectly fine now by the way!)

A Leg Up promised us that their walker would arrive twice daily to visit and would chart the visits in the cutesy log book they provided. Looked good, we thought. About a week into the visits, my fiancee happened to be home during the day unexpectedly. He arrived home at about 11am. He saw that the walker had been there that morning but that the walker had also logged that she was there at 1pm and had fed the pup then. She...

By: redviolet22

A Leg Up Pet Services

Toronto, ON