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Really Great Clinic

I love the Staff at Yorkville Vein Clinic. Dr. Alex Opris and his staff are an amazing team and in my opinion from what I've seen they work so well together.

I had Vericose viens mostly on the front of my thighs and some more big ones to the side of both legs, when I sat down, I was embarrased and barely wore anything that would show off my legs, I was even ashamed for my boyfriend of 12 years to look at my legs and I'm only 40 years old.

Dr. Opris and his staff fixed me up, they gave me back my confidence and I love my legs and thighs again, I honestly can't stop looking at them, I show them off all the time now.

I honestly don't how to thank them, they are so friendly, curtious and so so caring, they try to help you as much as possible to be comfortable when they're treating you in the treatment room, as a matter of fact I was laughing and having so much fun with them, sometimes I forgot what was going...

By: rac

Yorkville Vein Clinic

Toronto, ON