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I would not go back there. The stylist was late, when I got there the store wasn't even open. I had a 10:30 am appoitment and the stylist didn't show up untill 10:50, also the store is supossed to open at 10:00 am. Once I got inside the stylist took personl phone calls that lasted for hours during styling and had a friends visit her and she had a personol conversation while styling my hair. The friend was there for and hour or two. I have thick hair and while styling my hair the stylist mouthed under her breath swear words several times. I did not feel like Iwas being treated like a client, more like a horrible chore she had to do. I would never go back there again. She also did not ask what I wanted with my hair to make sure she was styling it correctly.

By: pinkd78

Jenz Hair resolutions

Mississauga, ON