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Not great detail work

We had some problems - These guys are great if you need to get an adequate job done for cheap. Do not expect high-end detail work. We had some problems with a door that we had installed. Our install was a difficult one but it was their approach that was the real issue. They said, "The door may have to be modified a bit" but the end result was that they drastically reduced the door width by 2 inches without checking with us first. If we knew that this was the case we would have told them to not redo the door. They also used two different types of decorative 1/4 round for each door for no reason. After the job we had to spend around 2 hours to clean up after them as they used no drop cloths and tracked mud throughout our house. When questioned about these details they were rather indignant and said the job was perfect. Overall, we had lots of windows that were installed that we are happy with however the experience left us a bit sour.

By: pier

Pioneer Windows and Doors

North York, ON