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Poor experience with Trillium.

My wife and I hired Trillium to move our belongings from a storage unit in Fredericton to our new home in Calgary. We chose them from a large pool of big and small movers that all had good and bad reviews. Overall our experience was poor, but from what I've learned since sharing experiences with many people who have hired many different movers, it was a typical moving experience. Maybe the whole industry is broken. Maybe the rates are too low to be able to provide consistently good service.

We had a few of damaged items, a lost lawnmower, and lots and lots of scuffs and nicks and scratches. The damaged items were all packed by the movers, and after watching how a move goes I'm not surprised that so many items got banged up in the process.

My estimated and actual weights were very different (actual was almost double) but since the estimate was done using industry standards for our goods I wasn't surprised that there was a difference. You pay for...

By: petertkalec

Trillium Moving & Storage Services

Mississauga, ON