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As a property owner that used Panadew to manage my rental property, I'm definitely on the side of the 1/5 folks.
For some years, Panadew managed my rental property in Kingston. In all that time I never felt confident that it was in good hands. Yes, they fixed things that broke, and they did a good job of doing that...and charging me, but I was never reassured that they really knew what they were doing, (other than billing), that my larger concerns were being heard and that I was dealing with professionals. For example, there were many months of vacancy with difficulty finding tenants. (They keep charging, rented or not). The last tenant they brought in skipped out within a few months without paying the rent, after trashing the place. In the end I couldn't stand it anymore and took the property back. I found a lot needed to be done. For example, I had to replace all the gas fires because they were declared unsafe and shut down when I had them inspected. This cost over...

By: peterlawton

Panadew Property Mgmt.

Kingston, ON



Hi Peter,

Comments and feedback are always welcome (even 3 years later!), so thank you!

Regarding fireplace and roof replacements, we have these inspected yearly and repaired where necessary (including yours), however eventually you do need to make these replacements. Regardless, I’m sorry to hear you were not 100% satisfied with our service. Here are a few major changes/improvements that we have made over the last 3+ years since you left us, which you most likely are not aware of:

- We’ve increased our staff by 100%, allowing us to better serve our clients and tenants, as well as improve our systems
- We’ve made a complete change to our management personnel
- We’ve moved our office to a larger location, allowing for more staff and better overall efficiency
- Complete overhaul and re-work of many of our management systems and procedures

It’s been a very busy 3 years, but the feedback we’re getting has been amazing! If you’re in need of property management in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us. I guarantee you that you will be absolutely blown away by the positive changes and by the level of our service.