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Abandoned Us on Prince Edward...

This is a terrible company that abandoned us on Prince Edward Island in August 2015!

The Club Wagon we rented had transmission problems (which they didn't tell us), and it ended up breaking down outside Charlottetown, PEI. We drove it all the way from Toronto (thank God it didn't breakdown in the middle of the wilderness).

They said they would drive down an 8 passenger vehicle for us to take back to Toronto and they would stay with the broken Club Wagon until it would be fixed (`1 week). Instead, this company brought down a mini-van (for 7 grown men to travel back in) and demanded we pay the balance of the rental fee (~$2060). We said we would pay once we returned safely home (like what was agreed upon in the signed contract). They refused, took the keys to both vehicles and literally said "FIND YOUR OWN WAY HOME!"

This company is a total joke and stranded us on an island. We had to buy a 1-way flight home ($540) and once we returned back...

By: patzilla10

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