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Would NOT recommend Weston Flooring

My husband and I have recently bought a new house and thought it would be a great idea to get our hardwood floors installed from the very beginning to save on any additional mess. But it has turned out to be nothing but problems. From day 1, on the very first PDI, we commented on how marked up the boards were. All throughout the great room and hallway many of the edges have knicks in them that go right down to the original colour of the wood. You can’t help but notice.

So thinking that their motto is “excellence in hardwood”, we thought that our problems would be resolved in a timely fashion. Well that went down the drain. We moved into our house in November 2007, and it is now August 2008. We have had numerous “appointments” with Weston people, including the owner, service men, and the super of this work site. We have had putty put in the gaps, which dried out over time and fell out, markers used, which wore off over time because it wasn’t sealed...

By: out333

Weston Flooring Ltd

Woodbridge, ON