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laser hair removal left bald spot at...

I give these guys 0 rating. As may others said, they were unprofessional, older blonde woman stood watching me while I removed my clothes, did not wear gloves, moved laser sporadically around (taking no more that 15 mins to treat all my body areas) and finally, because she was moving SO fast, accidentally hit my hairline where I now have a bald spot on one side.
It hurt like crap when she hit that spot because of all the hair and when I yelped, she just said, Oh You're ok. Well, yes I am ok, but now I have this f***ing bald spot. If only she could have actually targeted the hairs that I wanted removed instead of treating with random movements. Obviously the laser does work, but only if you hit the hairs...
I asked about this onece, and was told that the laser splits and the gel helps it split. Well, let's just say that after this experience I am happy that dealfind is refunding my money. Now I need to see if dealticker will too as I bought some IPL treatments from them before I went in for hair removal and saw all these reviews.

By: oreol0l

Zeneba Academy of Esthetics

Calgary, AB